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Paraguay U21 4 - 0 Magyarország U21

Local team Global statistics Away team
5-4-1 Formation 3-5-2
2 Fouls 0
1 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
46.44% First Half Possession 53.56%
45.01% Second Half Possession 54.99%

Today we are prepared to witness the match between Paraguay U21 y Magyarország U21 with 25.000 spectators who have come today to the FC Itapúa Stadium and are in their seats awaiting the kick off..
The local team is using a strategy of 5-4-1, and line-up with: Avelino Vargas - Fidel Herrera, Emilio Fretes, Ángel Bourdier, Canti Balaneţchi, Diego Gavilán - Avelino Piris, Aimar Seron, Manuel Devaca, Hugo Bonet - Maciej Pawlak.
The visiting team uses a strategy of 3-5-2, and put out a team of: Ágoston Bank - Joseph Varga, Dénes Rajos, Csanád Bartus - Szilárd Sztani, Márk Lisztes, Bernát Mohl, József Czirjék, Valentin Dalnoki - Zorán Simek, Mózes Potemkin.

Welcome to today's international friendly at Paraguay in the beautiful city of Misiones. This match between Paraguay U21 and Magyarország U21, may only be a friendly, but there is enough history between these 2 sides that we should still be in for a good game.

The match official for today's game is Ezequiel Albarrán, born in México, who normally plies his trade with the Sonora association. He is a hugely experienced referee and we can expect a tightly controlled game tonight

Min.7, the best move of the match of Magyarország U21. A classy 1-2 between József Czirjék and Márk Lisztes on the left side. The ball was then played back to Zorán Simek who let the ball run and Mózes Potemkin hit it well enough, but Avelino Vargas flew at that one to keep it out. What a great move! Min.13, Emilio Fretes missed the ball completely, but he got his man, Szilárd Sztani is not happy with that challenge at all. Min.14, Avelino Vargas finishes the orders to his wall and the ref blows for the free kick to be taken by Mózes Potemkin. Not a bad effort at all, but it didnt curl enough and goes behind for a goal kick. Min.26, how rubbish of Maciej Pawlak. Hugo Bonet put the ball on a plate for him and instead of hitting it with his right foot it cannoned of his left shin wide of the goal. Hmmm, why is he playing in this team? Min.36, miss for Magyarország U21. Cross by Márk Lisztes from the left wing towards Mózes Potemkin , who gets his head on it, but there's no real power on it and Avelino Vargas has no trouble catching that. Min.39, Bernát Mohl played a measured pass to the right to Szilárd Sztani who prepared himself to send a cross in, but failed as he was almost decapitated by Emilio Fretes. The referee gave the foul. Yellow card for Emilio Fretes after an unneccessary foul Min.40, Avelino Vargas finishes the orders to his wall and the ref blows for the free kick to be taken by Mózes Potemkin. Not a bad effort at all, but it didnt curl enough and goes behind for a goal kick. Min.42, Gooooool !!! Maciej Pawlak took possession of the ball after a miscued clearance by the defence and capitalised fully on the mistake to make it 1-0. Min.43, what an incredible piece of skill by Emilio Fretes, he cut in from the left and ghosted past one defender before playing a square ball across to Manuel Devaca, who aimed to score, but didnt.

Min.45,it's the end of the first half. The teams make their way to dressing rooms. The scoreboard of this 45 minutes is 1-0. The away team had 54 %. possession of the ball.

Min 46, home team are attacking via the by the right side and protecting their goal via the by the center. The away team is focusing its attacks on the by the two touchlines and its defense by the center. Min.48, Goal !!!, Avelino Piris has intercepted that weak backpass from Dénes Rajos and goes 1-on-1 with Ágoston Bank. He took it by the keeper and slotted it into the empty net. The score now stands at 2-0. Yes!, the second goal of the team went in! This goal will give them more self-confidence and faith in the match. Min.53, Bernát Mohl threads a through ball to Márk Lisztes who times his run poorly and has to wait for the ball on the left hand side. Once it got to him, he immediately passed the ball to Mózes Potemkin who hit it instantaneously towards Avelino Vargas' goal, but it never stopped rising. Goal kick. Min.62, Goal !!!, Avelino Piris puts in a beautifuly weighted cross from the right hand side of the penalty area. Maciej Pawlak hits the ball on the volley with a shot for which the keeper, Ágoston Bank, has no answer. The score now stands at 3-0. The fans were celebrating the victory over their arch rivals. The stadium kept on shouting the name of Maciej Pawlak until the late hours of the night. There are even rumours that fans are planning on tattooing the name of the goal scorer. They are really crazy. Min.68, Goooaaal !!!, Avelino Piris makes a great run down the righthand touchline, stepping past 2 defenders, before making a lovely pass right through the centre. Hugo Bonet connects wiith the pass and nutmegs the keeper! What a goal! This player not only drinks like Gazza, but he can play like him too! The scores now stand at 4-0. Min.80, Valentin Dalnoki went down the touchline, dribbling past one player, and another, and another! He unselfishly tries to pull it back to his striker, but Ángel Bourdier got there first and put it behind for a corner. Min.81, corner put in by Mózes Potemkin, it's not a very good one though, high and straight, an easy one for a keeper of Avelino Vargas's calibre. Min.81,'the defence of Paraguay U21 has cut the long ball towards the right touchline of Magyarország U21, Csanád Bartus fought like a young wild boar but he could not leave with the ball.' Thanks for that Manuel. Min.84, József Czirjék has headed over from 4 yards out, after a pin point cross from Szilárd Sztani. Wasted opportunity.

Min.90, and that's the end of the game here, the teams make their way off the field to the applause of the crowds. The game finished 4-0. The away team had 55 %. possession of the ball.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchInternational...
· Rules League
· Date of the match06/07/2014
· Time of the match16:00
· Stats
· ID of the match2140698 Add to Favorites
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Stadium info
· Stadium FC Itapúa Stadium
· Amount of attendance25.000
· Ends21.000
· Sides0
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
42' Maciej Pawlak 1-0
48' Avelino Piris 2-0
62' Maciej Pawlak 3-0
68' Hugo Bonet 4-0
13' Emilio Fretes 1
39' Emilio Fretes 2
39' Emilio Fretes

Team marks
Paraguay U21
Focus AttacksRight touchline
Focus DefenseCentral defense
MidfieldHigh good
Right backLow good
Central defenseLow expert
Left backHigh passable
Right Attack Low excellent
Central Attack High beginner
Left Attack Low beginner
ExperienceLow passable
Magyarország U21
Focus AttacksBoth sides
Focus DefenseCentral defense
MidfieldLow outstanding
Right backPassable
Central defenseGood
Left backLow good
Right Attack Low passable
Central Attack Good
Left Attack Low passable
ExperienceLow good
Individual marks
Paraguay U21 53.00
Magyarország U21 50.00

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