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Norge U21 2 - 0 Chile U21

Local team Global statistics Away team
5-4-1 Formation 4-5-1
1 Fouls 0
2 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
23.71% First Half Possession 76.29%
27.05% Second Half Possession 72.95%

Welcome to the stadium Scuderia Gigi Olimpico with 73.000 spectators. A Neutral venue where the teams Norge U21 and Chile U21 will play. The line-ups are in, 5-4-1 for the home team and 4-5-1 for the visiting team. The players are Sigurd Reppe - Iver Chaudry, Svein Sortland, Ørjan Ruud, Peder Rønnes, Mats Kvilhaug - Kent Nelvik, Mats Vassbotn, Roy Hovda, Oscar Henningsen - Henrik Didriksen for the home team and Evaristo Covarrubias - Ulises Bozo, Boris Valdivia, Paulino Carrasco, Raimundo Salah - Fernando Ruiz, Abelardo Urroz, Oliver Navarro, Víctor Hugo Sáez, Benjamín Riveros - Joaquín Avendaño for the visiting team.
Enjoy this exciting match.

Here we are in the final group stages of the national teams championship, and although there's still a way left til the final, the atmosphere is electric, we are in the town of Oost-Vlaanderen in België, where the national teams of Norge U21 and Chile U21 are going to play. After hearing the national anthems of both countries the match will start.

The referee in charge of tonight's game is Marc Riquelme, who was born in Argentina and belongs to the college of Santa Fe. He is a referee in the style of Pierluigi Collina, who does not tolerate foul play, and will not allow player's disputing his decisions or throwing their toys out of the pram!

Min.2, Oliver Navarro threads a through ball to Abelardo Urroz who times his run poorly and has to wait for the ball on the left hand side. Once it got to him, he immediately passed the ball to Joaquín Avendaño who hit it instantaneously towards Sigurd Reppe' goal, but it never stopped rising. Goal kick. Min.7, Possession is all very well but you have to make it count, and Abelardo Urroz needs to make the pass. Now he plays the ball into the midfield, but the pass is too soft and poorly aimed. The rival defence intercept the ball without any problems. Poor; very poor. Min.18, Oscar Henningsen sends a lovely pass to the feet of Henrik Didriksen who races through the defence going 1-on-1 with the keeper.... beautiful goal! The referee's disallowed it; the linesman's flag was up. I don't think he got that one right, and the players agree. Henrik Didriksen has lost his temper and wants to go have words with the assistant. He's having to be restrained by his team mates. You can understand his frustration. The ref is taking no bull today and Henrik Didriksen is booked for complaining. Min.24, Goal !!!, Kent Nelvik puts in a beautifuly weighted cross from the right hand side of the penalty area. Henrik Didriksen hits the ball on the volley with a shot for which the keeper, Evaristo Covarrubias, has no answer. The score now stands at 1-0. Nearly the whole stadium shouted GOOOAAALLLL, all the supporters clapped and shouted the name of Henrik Didriksen who did something difficult: scoring the first goal. Min.25, Fernando Ruiz makes a good run in from the right touchline, before going 1-on-1 with Mats Kvilhaug, who eventually wins the ball and clears it away. Min.29, Joaquín Avendaño of Chile U21 shoots but hits the bar. He's got a crack at the rebound all alone in front of Sigurd Reppe... how did he miss that?! Unbelievable. Min.31, Abelardo Urroz can't get away from Iver Chaudry and loses the ball before he has the chance to send a cross in. Min.43,the ref has halted proceeding whilst Ulises Bozo receives treatment for what looks like a painful injury. Min.44 Ulises Bozo has gone down injured, but it looks like he will run it off.

Min.45, the refs blown up for half time before the allocated injury time has been played and now he's sprinting off down the tunnel, guess he's been caught short. The current score is 1-0. The away team had 76 %. possession of the ball.

Min 46, from the journalist tower we can see that the home side are attacking via by the right side and focusing its defense by the center and the left touchline. The away team is trying to attack by the left touchline and focusing its defense by the center. Min.46, Raimundo Salah got on the on the end of that poor clearance by the defence and calmly chested the ball down and struck a beautiful half volley towards the goal. It looked as if the keeper tipped that over, but the ref's given a goal kick. Great effort! Min.53, Boris Valdivia put a cross in towards Abelardo Urroz at the front post, but Sigurd Reppe came and made a superb punch out in a difficult position. Min.60, Joaquín Avendaño turned Iver Chaudry dizzy with some wonderful dribbling on the left touchline until he suffered a nasty tackle to which the referee gave the foul. Yellow card for Iver Chaudry, he knew what he was doing there and it worked. He doesn't mind taking one for the team. Min.61, Sigurd Reppe finishes the orders to his wall and the ref blows for the free kick to be taken by Abelardo Urroz. Not a bad effort at all, but it didnt curl enough and goes behind for a goal kick. Min.70, what an incredible piece of skill by Joaquín Avendaño, he cut in from the left and ghosted past one defender before playing a square ball across to Benjamín Riveros, who aimed to score, but didnt. Min.76, great run down the left wing by Abelardo Urroz who spots Ørjan Ruud in acres of space and tries to pick him out, but that was just naff. Min.79, Gooooool !!! Henrik Didriksen took possession of the ball after a miscued clearance by the defence and capitalised fully on the mistake to make it 2-0. Yes!, the second goal of the team went in! This goal will give them more self-confidence and faith in the match. Min.82, Abelardo Urroz crosses for Joaquín Avendaño, his marker Ørjan Ruud trips over and after some grappling, both players end up in a mess on the floor, they want a penalty but they're not getting it.

Min.90, The whistle has been blown, ending the game at 2-0. The away team had 73 %. possession of the ball.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchCup
· Rules League
· Date of the match29/03/2015
· Time of the match16:00
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Stadium info
· Stadium Scuderia Gigi...
· Amount of attendance73.000
· Ends33.000
· Sides32.000
· Towers8.000
· VIP Boxes 0
24' Henrik Didriksen 1-0
79' Henrik Didriksen 2-0
60' Iver Chaudry 1
18' Henrik Didriksen
60' Iver Chaudry

Team marks
Norge U21
Focus AttacksRight touchline
Focus DefenseLeft touchline + Central defense
MidfieldHigh passable
Right backHigh outstanding
Central defenseHigh expert
Left backLow expert
Right Attack High outstanding
Central Attack Beginner
Left Attack Low beginner
ExperienceHigh passable
Chile U21
Focus AttacksLeft touchline
Focus DefenseCentral defense
MidfieldHigh expert
Right backBeginner
Central defenseHigh passable
Left backPassable
Right Attack High beginner
Central Attack Passable
Left Attack Low outstanding
ExperienceHigh passable
Individual marks
Norge U21 56.50
Chile U21 51.50

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