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México U21 9 - 0 Hrvatska U21

Local team Global statistics Away team
5-4-1 Formation 2-5-3
0 Fouls 0
0 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
57.73% First Half Possession 42.27%
61.35% Second Half Possession 38.65%

Away team have selected Dragutin Anković but he is banned, so cant take to the field. , Darko Benko has gone out to fill the gap left.
15.000 spectators are about to see this match. The México U21 y Hrvatska U21 players sprint onto the pitch. México U21 will made a 5-4-1 with Pedro Pablo Valdez - Olmo Variatti, Jenaro Viejo, Alberto Buglione, Augusto Guadarrama, Conrado Alanis - Noé Arias, Badayco Valcuende, Adrián Veiga, Román Ibarra - Oier Borquez and Hrvatska U21 will made a 2-5-3 with Žarko ?ani? - Ante Mumlek, Darko Benko - Zoran Bule, Marijan Rebac, Sre?ko Jela?i?, Boris Jertec, Srebrenko Vu?ko - Daniel Stijnen, Mate Mladenovi?, Davor Brozovi?.

Hello and welcome to today's big international match between México U21 and Hrvatska U21. There is a real party atmosphere in México and no where more so than here in Nayarit, where football fever has taken over. There is an obvious police presence here today, but officials are not expecting any trouble. Now let's get over to the stadium for the kick off...

Tonight's match official is Javier Olano, born in España and he belongs to the Extremadura association. He has a reputation for letting the game flow, but has been criticized for being too lenient sometimes and there is a chance players will try to get away with a few cheeky fouls.

Min.14, Goooaaal !!!, Noé Arias makes a great run down the righthand touchline, stepping past 2 defenders, before making a lovely pass right through the centre. Román Ibarra connects wiith the pass and nutmegs the keeper! What a goal! This player not only drinks like Gazza, but he can play like him too! The scores now stand at 1-0. The stadium can't stop clapping and cheering Román Ibarra due to the fantastic goal that opens the scoreboard Min.20, Gooooool !!!, Noé Arias ran on to that through ball and took it towards the goal. He easily outpaced Darko Benko before taking it around the goalkeeper Žarko Đanić and putting it into the empty net to make it 2-0. Yes!, the second goal of the team went in! This goal will give them more self-confidence and faith in the match. Min.25, Goal !!!, Oier Borquez has intercepted that weak backpass from Darko Benko and goes 1-on-1 with Žarko Đanić. He took it by the keeper and slotted it into the empty net. The score now stands at 3-0. The fans were celebrating the victory over their arch rivals. The stadium kept on shouting the name of Oier Borquez until the late hours of the night. There are even rumours that fans are planning on tattooing the name of the goal scorer. They are really crazy. Min.36,the ref has halted proceeding whilst Srebrenko Vučko receives treatment for what looks like a painful injury. Min.37 Srebrenko Vučko has suffered an injury of the Torn Femur. It's really a pity but he is seriously injured and must leave the field, the meaning of the gestures are clear: anger and pain., he should be taken off here. The tannoy guy announces the substitution of Srebrenko Vučko for Dado Bilić , the fans dont seem overly happy at that decision, but lets see if they're right. Min.39, Gooooool !!!, México U21 score. Great finish by Oier Borquez after receiving a great pass from the right sideline, he brought it down and banged it home past Žarko Đanić 's reach. Making it 4-0. Min.42, 'deviated kick of Mate Mladenović, in a play which started by a great cross from the right side of Zoran Bule and a wonderful head pass of Boris Jertec right in front of an open goal. He failed ,miserably.'My blind 74-year old grandma would've even scored that'. Min.43, Gooooool !!! for México U21. Alberto Buglione has scored the goal of his life. Alberto Buglione hit that from around 35 yards out and Žarko Đanić and couldn't do anything about, dipping and swerving, it did him all ends up. That was a stunning effort to make it 5-0. The home team can't believe it. The 'hand of god' strikes again. What a performance. The fans were partying all night along with Diego Maradona in the back of their heads. Fantastic!

Min.45, half time here, with the score at 5-0, as they say, it's not over til the fat lady sings, so lets see what the second half brings us. The home team had 58 %. possession of the ball.

Min 46, home team are attacking via the by the right side and protecting their goal via the by the center and the left touchline. The away team is focusing its attacks on the by the center and the right touchline and its defense without special attention in any area. Min.52, Marijan Rebac cannot free himself from Olmo Variatti and loses the ball before he has the chance to send a cross in. Alberto Buglione takes advantage of the situation to start a counter attack down the touchline. This could end up in a good scoring opportunity... Min.53, well that was a great move, so wuick and brilliant i've had to change the tense i commentate in, Noé Arias had it by the right side, he left Darko Benko behind, out manouvered another defender before giving it to Oier Borquez who hit it first time just inside the box and...Gooooooaaaaaal !!!. The score is now 6-0. Min.59, Dado Bilić sent a deep cross towards Marijan Rebac but the keeper has come charging out and Pedro Pablo Valdez quickly sends a long punt up the field starting a counterattack. Min.60, Žarko Đanić has to the corner to challenge Oier Borquez for the ball but erm, he failed. Fortunately for him, Darko Benko of Hrvatska U21 has got across to cover him and plays it safe and gives away the corner. Min.60, Gooooool !!! Román Ibarra scores... After receiving a great cross from the right touchline, Román Ibarra controlled the ball and left Žarko Đanić behind. He then rolled the ball into the empty goal. Now the scoreboard shows 7-0. Min.63 That was a wasted chance by Oier Borquez... 1-on-1 with Žarko Đanić and 5 yards from goal, and he's put it right into the stands where the Hrvatska U21 fans are sitting... you can hear the donkey brays ringing from around the stadium! Min.67, Dado Bilić sends a lovely pass to the feet of Daniel Stijnen who races through the defence going 1-on-1 with the keeper.... beautiful goal! The referee's disallowed it; the linesman's flag was up. I don't think he got that one right, and the players agree. Daniel Stijnen has lost his temper and wants to go have words with the assistant. He's having to be restrained by his team mates. You can understand his frustration. Min.76, Goal !!!, Noé Arias has intercepted that weak backpass from Darko Benko and goes 1-on-1 with Žarko Đanić. He took it by the keeper and slotted it into the empty net. The score now stands at 8-0. Min.82, Alberto Buglione put a cross in towards Jenaro Viejo at the front post, but Žarko Đanić came and made a superb punch out in a difficult position. Min.86,'the defence of México U21 has cut the long ball towards the right touchline of Hrvatska U21, Boris Jertec fought like a young wild boar but he could not leave with the ball.' Thanks for that Manuel. Min.87, Gooooool !!! Oier Borquez took possession of the ball after a miscued clearance by the defence and capitalised fully on the mistake to make it 9-0.

Min.90, The whistle has been blown, ending the game at 9-0. The home team had 61 %. possession of the ball.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchLeague
· Rules League
· Date of the match11/06/2017
· Time of the match16:00
· Stats
· ID of the match2631211 Add to Favorites
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Stadium info
· Stadium Pumas de...
· Amount of attendance15.000
· Ends11.000
· Sides0
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
14' Román Ibarra 1-0
20' Noé Arias 2-0
25' Oier Borquez 3-0
39' Oier Borquez 4-0
43' Alberto Buglione 5-0
53' Oier Borquez 6-0
60' Román Ibarra 7-0
76' Noé Arias 8-0
87' Oier Borquez 9-0
· Without fouls
· Without warnings

Team marks
México U21
Focus AttacksRight touchline
Focus DefenseLeft touchline + Central defense
MidfieldLow outstanding
Right backLow outstanding
Central defenseHigh expert
Left backHigh outstanding
Right Attack Low excellent
Central Attack High beginner
Left Attack Low beginner
ExperienceLow good
Hrvatska U21
Focus AttacksRight touchline + Central Attack
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldLow good *
Right backHigh passable *
Central defenseLow good *
Left backLow passable *
Right Attack Good *
Central Attack Good *
Left Attack Beginner *
ExperienceHigh good *
* An injury/red card can affect the team marks from the moment of the incident.
Individual marks
México U21 64.50
Hrvatska U21 46.00

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