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Perú U18 1 - 1 México U18

Local team Global statistics Away team
4-3-3 Formation 4-3-3
1 Fouls 0
1 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
58.17% First Half Possession 41.83%
58.17% Second Half Possession 41.83%

The stadium Alianza San Miguel Olimpico has a new record attendance today, with 13.200 spectators anticipating the start of the match.
The teams have already been confirmed. The home team will play 4-3-3, with Domingo Fuentes - Ronald Labarthe, Siro de las Casas, Iker Gastulo, Gilberto Javier Jiménez - Rainer Rivero, Junior Fajardo, Noel Valdivieso - Freddy de Andrade, Segundo Ramírez, Raúl Acasiete.
While, the away team will play 4-3-3, with: Liam Varo. - Fidel Cortina, Jose Luis Cárdenas, Ismael Basaguren, Mateo Armona - Isidoro Santoval, Enrique Rojas, Gorka Smith - Rosendo Valdivia, José Antonio Infante, Octavio de la Torre. Everyone is ready so lets get this game underway.

Welcome to today's international friendly at Perú in the beautiful city of Lima. This match between Perú U18 and México U18, may only be a friendly, but there is enough history between these 2 sides that we should still be in for a good game.

William Arebalo, one of the legends in the world of international refs, takes control of today's match. Hopefully the America born P.E. teacher, who belongs to the El Salvador association, will be able to compensate for the linesmen, who have been described in the local press as "complete muppets".

Min.2, Gooooool !!!, Isidoro Santoval sent a long ball towards Rosendo Valdivia whose first touch takes him away from the defender and a beautiful finish past Domingo Fuentes completes that basic route one move. So simple, yet so effective! The scoreboard is now 0-1. The attendance spectators were disappointed, they couldn’t believe how Rosendo Valdivia scored first for the away team and how things became difficult. Min.5, Goooaaaaaaal !!!, Noel Valdivieso did some good driblings from the center of the field going very close oponent goalkeeper but when everything seemed that the player was going to kick did a very good pass to Raúl Acasiete, who only has to drive the ball into goal, who did the pass told with his mind 'Score you, because for me would be easier'. The scores now stand at 1-1. Puffs and pants were a repetitive reaction in the local fans when Raúl Acasiete scored and achieved a draw in the scoreboard. Min.9, Possession is all very well but you have to make it count, and José Antonio Infante needs to make the pass. Now he plays the ball into the midfield, but the pass is too soft and poorly aimed. The rival defence intercept the ball without any problems. Poor; very poor. Min.10, Enrique Rojas has headed over from 4 yards out, after a pin point cross from Rosendo Valdivia. Wasted opportunity. Min.28, huge play of Freddy de Andrade from the right side which finishes with a 'death' back pass, but Mateo Armona very watchful cuts down the pass in the small area when it looked like it would be a shouted goal. Incredible play of Freddy de Andrade, who did all well but his pass didn't find a striker. Min.40 That was a wasted chance by Segundo Ramírez... 1-on-1 with Liam Varo. and 5 yards from goal, and he's put it right into the stands where the México U18 fans are sitting... you can hear the donkey brays ringing from around the stadium! Min.43, Freddy de Andrade sees space on the byline and he runs into it and crosses towards the head of Iker Gastulo. However, Jose Luis Cárdenas decided he fancied doing his job and cleared it with an assured header. Iker Gastulo, is holding his side on the ground and complaining bitterly about Jose Luis Cárdenas's elbow to his ribs at the same time, what a talent he has there...get up you nancy.

Min.45, the refs blown up for half time before the allocated injury time has been played and now he's sprinting off down the tunnel, guess he's been caught short. The current score is 1-1. The home team had 58 %. possession of the ball.

Min 46, after watching the first half, its clear to see the home side are attacking via by the right side. And the away team are focusing on by the center. Min.55, miss for Perú U18. Cross by Segundo Ramírez from the left wing towards Raúl Acasiete , who gets his head on it, but there's no real power on it and Liam Varo. has no trouble catching that. Min.58, Isidoro Santoval got the ball with a bit of luck and he tried to make wall pass with Rosendo Valdivia. But Iker Gastulo cleverly hacks him down to stop the move. Rosendo Valdivia isn't happy and is complaining to the referee, asking for a yellow card. Iker Gastulo has been giving his marching orders, his manager will not be happy. Min.59, Fidel Cortina shot in a very wayward manner sending the ball to row z. Min.62, disastrous pass by Noel Valdivieso who tries to pick out Freddy de Andrade, but the receiver could do nothing to control the ball. They will not create too many chances with that sort of slap dashery. Min.66, how rubbish of José Antonio Infante. Isidoro Santoval put the ball on a plate for him and instead of hitting it with his right foot it cannoned of his left shin wide of the goal. Hmmm, why is he playing in this team? Min.71, Segundo Ramírez cannot free himself from Fidel Cortina and loses the ball before he has the chance to send a cross in. Jose Luis Cárdenas takes advantage of the situation to start a counter attack down the touchline. This could end up in a good scoring opportunity... Min.72, the clearance by the defence was intercepted by José Antonio Infante who tried to go past Gilberto Javier Jiménez but he failed miserably and loses possession. Min.73,'the defence of México U18 has cut the long ball towards the right touchline of Perú U18, Noel Valdivieso fought like a young wild boar but he could not leave with the ball.' Thanks for that Manuel. Min.84, Octavio de la Torre left the defense behind. The moment José Antonio Infante ran straight towards the keeper he should have known that a pass-like ball would be sufficient to hit the net yet he attempts a shot and the as expected the ball flew high and wide right into the stands. Domingo Fuentes was blatantly laughing after that horrible attempt quite honestly we can only agree. Min.89, Noel Valdivieso has headed over from 4 yards out, after a pin point cross from Freddy de Andrade. Wasted opportunity.

Min.90, and that's the end of the game here, the teams make their way off the field to the applause of the crowds. The game finished 1-1. The home team had 58 %. possession of the ball.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchInternational...
· Rules League
· Date of the match07/12/2008
· Time of the match16:00
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Stadium info
· Stadium Alianza San...
· Amount of attendance13.200
· Ends9.200
· Sides0
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
2' Rosendo Valdivia 0-1
5' Raúl Acasiete 1-1
58' Iker Gastulo 1
58' Iker Gastulo

Team marks
Perú U18
Focus AttacksRight touchline
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldHigh passable
Right backLow beginner
Central defensePassable
Left backLow passable
Right Attack Low beginner
Central Attack Low good
Left Attack Low beginner
ExperienceLow beginner
México U18
Focus AttacksCentral Attack
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldHigh beginner
Right backPassable
Central defenseLow good
Left backHigh beginner
Right Attack Low beginner
Central Attack High passable
Left Attack Low beginner
ExperienceLow beginner
Individual marks
Perú U18 25.50
México U18 26.00

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