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Central 8 - 1 Luque

Local team Global statistics Away team
5-3-2 Formation 5-4-1
1 Fouls 0
0 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
57.26% First Half Possession 42.74%
60.04% Second Half Possession 39.96%

Today we are prepared to witness the match between Central y Luque with 15.000 spectators who have come today to the Central Coliseum and are in their seats awaiting the kick off..
The local team is using a strategy of 5-3-2, and line-up with: Julián Coll - Rafael van der Wal, Bo Bordinggaard, Milo Larsen, Remo Garbin, Gernot Stingeseder - Valerio Orioli, András Finta, Fagner Souza - Adelions ?ebotarjovs, Dermod MacKenna.
The visiting team uses a strategy of 5-4-1, and put out a team of: Óscar Candia - Mauro Zayas, Ever Cristaldo, Romildo Diarte, Johan Skov-Jensen, Gabriel Gamarra - Sebastián Lazaga, Daniel Bordón, Sebastián Sandianes, Robert Cuevas - Géminy Daniels.

We are facing a new match of International Elite PRO league XXVII

Luke Vargas, one of the legends in the world of international refs, takes control of today's match. Hopefully the America born P.E. teacher, who belongs to the Nicaragua association, will be able to compensate for the linesmen, who have been described in the local press as "complete muppets".

Min.2, Goal !!!, The ball is played down the left touchline to Valerio Orioli. There's nothing open on the left so he dribbles towards the centre. He's taking it to the edge of the area looking for the shot... he hits the ball full blast into the back of the net! SUPERB GOAL. The score now stands at 1-0. The supporters are now behaving like complete hooligans after the first goal. Min.12, Goool !!! for Central, scored by Adelions Čebotarjovs, not sure he meant it though, i'm sure that was supposed to be a cross, but they all count, 2-0. Yes!, the second goal of the team went in! This goal will give them more self-confidence and faith in the match. Min.18, Goooaaaaal !!!, After a cross into the area, the defence managed to half clear the ball, but it went straight to Remo Garbin just outside the box, and with his favoured foot shot the ball towards the right side of the goal, where it just beat the despairing dive of the keeper to go in and make the score 3-0. The fans were celebrating the victory over their arch rivals. The stadium kept on shouting the name of Remo Garbin until the late hours of the night. There are even rumours that fans are planning on tattooing the name of the goal scorer. They are really crazy. Min.24, Gooooool !!!, great cross by Valerio Orioli that goes right onto the head of Dermod MacKenna who directs it past Óscar Candia. Great goal to make it 4-0. Min.28, It's clear to see that Milo Larsen is in pain. He is looking towards the bench and it looks like his injury is serious, as a neutral spectator it's always sad to see someone with a serious injury, but then again, rather him than me. Min.29, Oh dear, Milo Larsen is down and shows no signs of recovering quickly, our touchline correspondent is suggesting its a problem with the Muscle strain . It's really a pity but he is seriously injured and must leave the field, the meaning of the gestures are clear: anger and pain. The tannoy guy announces the substitution of Milo Larsen for Christian Machado , the fans dont seem overly happy at that decision, but lets see if they're right. Min.34, Daniel Bordón spots Géminy Daniels breaking free from his marker, but his attempted pass into the space in front is easily intercepted by the defence. Min.38, two errors made by Bo Bordinggaard, they almost cost a goal to Central. The first error ended up in a fall of Sebastián Lazaga inside the penalty area, although it seems that Christian Machado does not touch him. Then, his cross pass to another defender was intercepted by Géminy Daniels, who failed in the hand to hand with Julián Coll. Min.41, Robert Cuevas makes a good run in from the right touchline, before going 1-on-1 with Remo Garbin, who eventually wins the ball and clears it away.

Min.45,it's the end of the first half. The teams make their way to dressing rooms. The scoreboard of this 45 minutes is 4-0. The home team had 57 %. possession of the ball.

Min 46, home team are attacking via the by the left touchline and protecting their goal via the by the center. The away team is focusing its attacks on the by the left touchline and its defense by the left touchline. Min.47, Gooooool !!! for Central. Crossing pass from the left flank by Valerio Orioli and Dermod MacKenna places it beautifully past the keeper, 5-0. The home team can't believe it. The 'hand of god' strikes again. What a performance. The fans were partying all night along with Diego Maradona in the back of their heads. Fantastic! Min.49, Goal !!!, Sebastián Lazaga dribbles past Rafael van der Wal and takes a couple of step overs, leaving himself in front of the keeper, Julián Coll. He's dribbled the keeper and has no trouble completing the formality of slotting the ball into the open goal. The scores now stand at 5-1. Min.57, Gooooool !!!, goal scored by Central. Great inside pass by Dermod MacKenna to Adelions Čebotarjovs, who tried to dribble past Óscar Candia inside the area but the keeper of Luque cleared it. In the clearance, very careful, Fagner Souza appeared and made the 6-1. Min.68, Sebastián Lazaga turned Rafael van der Wal dizzy with some wonderful dribbling on the left touchline until he suffered a nasty tackle to which the referee gave the foul. Min.69, Géminy Daniels spannered that completely, much to the amusement of the opposition fans. Min.70, Robert Cuevas threads a through ball to Sebastián Lazaga who times his run poorly and has to wait for the ball on the left hand side. Once it got to him, he immediately passed the ball to Géminy Daniels who hit it instantaneously towards Julián Coll' goal, but it never stopped rising. Goal kick. Min.77, Goal !!!, The ball is played down the left touchline to Valerio Orioli. There's nothing open on the left so he dribbles towards the centre. He's taking it to the edge of the area looking for the shot... he hits the ball full blast into the back of the net! SUPERB GOAL. The score now stands at 7-1. Min.82, Dermod MacKenna sends a poor cross in from the right towards the area, allowing the ball to be cleared by Romildo Diarte, who swiftly goes on the counter attack. The fans are loving it! Min.83, the counterattack was led by Géminy Daniels. He tries to lob the keeper who has left his area however the ball goes just wide of the post. Min.86, Gooooool !!! for Central. Coming in from the left wing, that cross by Valerio Orioli found the head of Dermod MacKenna and he directed it in. Making the score 8-1.

Min.90, The whistle has been blown, ending the game at 8-1. The home team had 60 %. possession of the ball.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchCup
· Rules League
· Date of the match16/11/2018
· Time of the match16:00
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· ID of the match2872658 Add to Favorites
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Stadium info
· Stadium Central Coliseum
· Amount of attendance15.000
· Ends11.000
· Sides0
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
2' Valerio Orioli 1-0
12' Adelions Čebotarjovs 2-0
18' Remo Garbin 3-0
24' Dermod MacKenna 4-0
47' Dermod MacKenna 5-0
49' Sebastián Lazaga 5-1
57' Fagner Souza 6-1
77' Valerio Orioli 7-1
86' Dermod MacKenna 8-1
68' Rafael van der Wal 1
· Without warnings

Team marks
Focus AttacksLeft touchline
Focus DefenseCentral defense
MidfieldHigh passable *
Right backHigh good *
Central defenseExcellent *
Left backLow expert *
Right Attack Low beginner *
Central Attack High passable *
Left Attack Low expert *
ExperienceExcellent *
* An injury/red card can affect the team marks from the moment of the incident.
Focus AttacksLeft touchline
Focus DefenseLeft touchline
MidfieldLow passable
Right backPassable
Central defenseHigh passable
Left backHigh passable
Right Attack Low beginner
Central Attack Beginner
Left Attack High good
ExperienceLow passable
Individual marks
Central 62.50
Luque 29.50

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