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Quattro Pini 4 - 9 AGUILA Futbol Club

Local team Global statistics Away team
2-5-3 Formation 3-5-2
0 Fouls 1
0 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
44.37% First Half Possession 55.63%
37.35% Second Half Possession 62.65%

Home team, havent got a player Central defense , Corrado Burato has gone out to fill the gap left. Home team, havent got a player Winger , Carlo Tarquini has gone out to fill the gap left. Welcome to the stadium Stadio dei Pini. A Neutral venue where the teams Quattro Pini and AGUILA Futbol Club will clash. The lines-up are in, 2-5-3 for the home team and 3-5-2 for the visiting team.s Jacinto Virues - Ermanno d´Inzeo, Corrado Burato - Sebastiano Ceresato, Carlo Tarquini, Feodor Afanasiuc, Remo Federico, Piersilvio Lercio - Sanne Paap, Mirko Casizzolu, Gabino Villornate for the home team and Máximo San - Tolga Helvac?, Anders Ilola, Eugen Z?pad? - Stephan Ziegler, Bratislav Lazeti?, Jacinto Caldera, Bryan Svidersky, Silvestre Veiga - Jaroslav ?utka, Matias Järdler for the visiting team.
Enjoy with this suresly a very good match.

We are facing a new match of International Elite PRO league XXVII

Tonight's match official is Frieder Dillenburg, born in Deutschland and he belongs to the Brandenburg association. He has a reputation for letting the game flow, but has been criticized for being too lenient sometimes and there is a chance players will try to get away with a few cheeky fouls.

Min.5, Gooooool !!! of AGUILA Futbol Club, inside pass by Silvestre Veiga into the path of Jaroslav Čutka, who strikes it as sweetly beyond the outstretched arms of Jacinto Virues. Now the scoreboard is 0-1. Min.11, Gooooool !!!, Stephan Ziegler found a good shooting position from outside the area and his shot surprised the goalkeeper beating him at the near post. Now the scoreboard is 0-2. Min.13, Gooooool !!!, Jaroslav Čutka ran on to that through ball and took it towards the goal. He easily outpaced Corrado Burato before taking it around the goalkeeper Jacinto Virues and putting it into the empty net to make it 0-3. Min.20, Remo Federico plays a good ball to the feet of Sanne Paap, who tunrs and shoots quickly, but it deflects off Eugen Zăpadă and goes off for a corner. Min.21, corner put in by Gabino Villornate, it's not a very good one though, high and straight, an easy one for a keeper of Máximo San's calibre. Min.30, Gooooool !!! for Quattro Pini. Crossing pass from the left flank by Carlo Tarquini and Sanne Paap places it beautifully past the keeper, 1-3. Min.37, Goal !!!, The ball is played down the left touchline to Carlo Tarquini. There's nothing open on the left so he dribbles towards the centre. He's taking it to the edge of the area looking for the shot... he hits the ball full blast into the back of the net! SUPERB GOAL. The score now stands at 2-3. Min.41, Goal !!!, Stephan Ziegler puts in a beautifuly weighted cross from the right hand side of the penalty area. Jaroslav Čutka hits the ball on the volley with a shot for which the keeper, Jacinto Virues, has no answer. The score now stands at 2-4. Min.44, Gooooool !!!, Stephan Ziegler ran on to that through ball and took it towards the goal. He easily outpaced Corrado Burato before taking it around the goalkeeper Jacinto Virues and putting it into the empty net to make it 2-5.

Min.45,it's the end of the first half. The teams make their way to dressing rooms. The scoreboard of this 45 minutes is 2-5. The away team had 56 %. possession of the ball.

Watching Quattro Pini come out of the tunnel, you have to wonder if they have anything left to give. AGUILA Futbol Club on the other hand are looking full of confidence as they come running out onto the pitch. Min 46, from the journalist tower we can see that the home side are attacking via by the left touchline and focusing its defense without special attention in any area. The away team is trying to attack by the right side and focusing its defense without special attention in any area. Min.46, Gooooool !!!, great cross by Carlo Tarquini that goes right onto the head of Sanne Paap who directs it past Máximo San. Great goal to make it 3-5. Min.57, Gooooool !!! for AGUILA Futbol Club. Coming in from the left wing, that cross by Bratislav Lazetić found the head of Matias Järdler and he directed it in. Making the score 3-6. Min.61, Gooooool !!! Jaroslav Čutka took possession of the ball after a miscued clearance by the defence and capitalised fully on the mistake to make it 3-7. Min.67, Goal !!!, Carlo Tarquini dribbles past Tolga Helvacı and takes a couple of step overs, leaving himself in front of the keeper, Máximo San. He's dribbled the keeper and has no trouble completing the formality of slotting the ball into the open goal. The scores now stand at 4-7. Min.78, Gooooool !!! Matias Järdler scores... After receiving a great cross from the right touchline, Matias Järdler controlled the ball and left Jacinto Virues behind. He then rolled the ball into the empty goal. Now the scoreboard shows 4-8. Min.86, Gooooool !!!, AGUILA Futbol Club score. Great finish by Jaroslav Čutka after receiving a great pass from the right sideline, he brought it down and banged it home past Jacinto Virues 's reach. Making it 4-9.

Min.90, The whistle has been blown, ending the game at 4-9. The away team had 63 %. possession of the ball.

The final score of the match between Quattro Pini - AGUILA Futbol Club is 4-9, so AGUILA Futbol Club goes to the next round of the International Elite PRO league XXVII

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchCup
· Rules Heat Round(Neutral)
· Date of the match04/01/2019
· Time of the match16:00
· Stats
· ID of the match2875269 Add to Favorites
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Stadium info
· Stadium Stadio dei Pini
· Amount of attendance100.000
· Ends44.000
· Sides48.000
· Towers8.000
· VIP Boxes 0
5' Jaroslav Čutka 0-1
11' Stephan Ziegler 0-2
13' Jaroslav Čutka 0-3
30' Sanne Paap 1-3
37' Carlo Tarquini 2-3
41' Jaroslav Čutka 2-4
44' Stephan Ziegler 2-5
46' Sanne Paap 3-5
57' Matias Järdler 3-6
61' Jaroslav Čutka 3-7
67' Carlo Tarquini 4-7
78' Matias Järdler 4-8
86' Jaroslav Čutka 4-9
90' Jacinto Virues 1
· Without warnings

Team marks
Quattro Pini
Focus AttacksLeft touchline
Focus DefenseNeutral
Right backBeginner
Central defenseLow passable
Left backBeginner
Right Attack Passable
Central Attack High outstanding
Left Attack Expert
AGUILA Futbol Club
Focus AttacksRight touchline
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldLow glorious
Right backOutstanding
Central defenseHigh good
Left backOutstanding
Right Attack Excellent
Central Attack Low outstanding
Left Attack Passable
ExperienceHigh Furgolero 17
Individual marks
Quattro Pini 61.00
AGUILA Futbol Club 84.00

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