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MMTS Kwidzyn 0 - 3 Tiger_Muslim

Local team Global statistics Away team
4-4-2 Formation 4-4-2
0 Fouls 0
1 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
54.10% First Half Possession 45.90%
45.92% Second Half Possession 54.08%

Home team, havent got a player Full-back , Damian Iwański has gone out to fill the gap left. Home team, havent got a player Winger , Ewald Iwan has gone out to fill the gap left. Home team, havent got a player Central midfielder , Andrzej Zgutczyński has gone out to fill the gap left. Home team, havent got a player Forward , Ewald Kubisztal has gone out to fill the gap left.
15.000 spectators are about to see this match. The MMTS Kwidzyn y Tiger_Muslim players sprint onto the pitch. MMTS Kwidzyn will made a 4-4-2 with Wojciech Wnuk - Eugeniusz Kasperczak, Damian Iwa?ski, Mariusz Wójcicki, Jan Jojko - Ewald Iwan, Zygmunt Rutkowski, Andrzej Zgutczy?ski, Antoni Cegie?ko - Cezary Ba?uszy?ski, Ewald Kubisztal and Tiger_Muslim will made a 4-4-2 with Justin Rotan - Madalin Radulescu, Santiago Díaz, Teodoro Sella, Pala Goga - Renaud Givet, Jenaro Viejo, Tansel Gries, Marvin Dambach la ville - Kenny Lautenbach-Zell, Noe Vogel.

We are facing a new match of International Elite PRO league XXX

Tonight's match official is Jorge Aranda, born in España and he belongs to the La Rioja association. He has a reputation for letting the game flow, but has been criticized for being too lenient sometimes and there is a chance players will try to get away with a few cheeky fouls.

Min.6, Noe Vogel has gone down, with pain written all over his face. Min.7, Oh dear, Noe Vogel is down and shows no signs of recovering quickly, our touchline correspondent is suggesting its a problem with the Problems with quadriceps . He has had very bad luck because he injured himself, nobody touched him. He is making gestures that means he wants to continue and will do so but he will play worse than normal though. Noe Vogel know's he's not performing out there, and is signalling to the manager to replace him. He may have taken a knock earlier on, as he seems to be pulling up on his runs, or he may have been out on the town last night and showing the effects of a hangover. WIth his reputation, anything is possible. Lică Tudor gets ready to replace him. Min.9, Goool !!! for Tiger_Muslim, scored by Jenaro Viejo, not sure he meant it though, i'm sure that was supposed to be a cross, but they all count, 0-1. You can hear a pin drop in this stadium after the away team opened the score board. Have the home fans had cold water poured over their heads? Even the hooligans are quiet now, amazing! Min.12, Goal !!!, Renaud Givet has intercepted that weak backpass from Damian Iwański and goes 1-on-1 with Wojciech Wnuk. He took it by the keeper and slotted it into the empty net. The score now stands at 0-2. Spectators couldn't believe what they were seeing; even in their worst nightmares they couldn't imagine this overwhelming score. A lot of them were quiet but others began to encourage his team. Worse things have been seen. Min.15, Zygmunt Rutkowski got on the on the end of that poor clearance by the defence and calmly chested the ball down and struck a beautiful half volley towards the goal. It looked as if the keeper tipped that over, but the ref's given a goal kick. Great effort! Min.30, Andrzej Zgutczyński has headed over from 4 yards out, after a pin point cross from Ewald Iwan. Wasted opportunity. Min.33, how rubbish of Ewald Kubisztal. Antoni Cegiełko put the ball on a plate for him and instead of hitting it with his right foot it cannoned of his left shin wide of the goal. Hmmm, why is he playing in this team? Min.44, Zygmunt Rutkowski has gone down, with pain written all over his face. Min.45, Oh dear, Zygmunt Rutkowski is down and shows no signs of recovering quickly, our touchline correspondent is suggesting its a problem with the Muscle strain . Although no one has touched him the injury is serious, the player can not continue on the pitch, and the bench gets into motion. The tannoy guy announces the substitution of Zygmunt Rutkowski for Tomasz Wilimowicz , the fans dont seem overly happy at that decision, but lets see if they're right.

Min.45, half time here, with the score at 0-2, as they say, it's not over til the fat lady sings, so lets see what the second half brings us. The home team had 54 %. possession of the ball.

Watching MMTS Kwidzyn come out of the tunnel, you have to wonder if they have anything left to give. Tiger_Muslim on the other hand are looking full of confidence as they come running out onto the pitch. Min.47, Goal !!!, The ball is played down the left touchline to Jenaro Viejo. There's nothing open on the left so he dribbles towards the centre. He's taking it to the edge of the area looking for the shot... he hits the ball full blast into the back of the net! SUPERB GOAL. The score now stands at 0-3. The fans can't believe this result. Several fans were waving the symbolic white tissues... The manager should watch his head seriously. Unfortunately for them it's not the only problem... several fans are already leaving the stadium and the match isn't over yet! Min.48, Renaud Givet shoots from distance, but it will take something special to beat Wojciech Wnuk who gathers it with ease. Min.51, high kick of MMTS Kwidzyn after a wonderful forward pass through the defense by Andrzej Zgutczyński to Cezary Bałuszyński couldn't finish off that great move by MMTS Kwidzyn. Cezary Bałuszyński protested about the shirt pulling he was the victim of. Min.55, Lică Tudor has got some magic feet and shows us all his trickery to get into a great position in the box, unfortunately for him, he's a complete donkey and tripped over his twinkle toes and face planted the ball, which proceeds to roll out harmlessly for a goal kick. Min.58, Antoni Cegiełko sends a lovely pass to the feet of Ewald Kubisztal who races through the defence going 1-on-1 with the keeper.... beautiful goal! The referee's disallowed it; the linesman's flag was up. I don't think he got that one right, and the players agree. Ewald Kubisztal has lost his temper and wants to go have words with the assistant. He's having to be restrained by his team mates. You can understand his frustration. Min.65, Possession is all very well but you have to make it count, and Tomasz Wilimowicz needs to make the pass. Now he plays the ball into the midfield, but the pass is too soft and poorly aimed. The rival defence intercept the ball without any problems. Poor; very poor. Min.70, Jenaro Viejo can't get away from Eugeniusz Kasperczak and loses the ball before he has the chance to send a cross in. Min.72, Tomasz Wilimowicz makes the cross from the left hand side of the area, but fails to connect with his team mates. The ball is cleared off the boot of the defender, Pala Goga. Min.73, the clearance by the defence was intercepted by Kenny Lautenbach-Zell who tried to go past Mariusz Wójcicki but he failed miserably and loses possession. Min.75, Tiger_Muslim had two clear cut chances in attack but Wojciech Wnuk kept them both out. Lică Tudor then had a third chance at scoring, but a last ditch challenge made sure that he didnt. I dont know why, but Lică Tudor is complaining that he didnt get a penalty for that. Min.86, Ewald Iwan sees space on the byline and he runs into it and crosses towards the head of Cezary Bałuszyński. However, Teodoro Sella decided he fancied doing his job and cleared it with an assured header. Cezary Bałuszyński, is holding his side on the ground and complaining bitterly about Teodoro Sella's elbow to his ribs at the same time, what a talent he has there...get up you nancy. The ref is taking no bull today and Cezary Bałuszyński is booked for complaining. Min.89, Andrzej Zgutczyński sent a long ball towards Cezary Bałuszyński however Justin Rotan decides to come from his area and calmly hoof it back up the field.

Min.90, and that's the end of the game here, the teams make their way off the field to the applause of the crowds. The game finished 0-3. The away team had 54 %. possession of the ball.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchCup
· Rules League
· Date of the match15/11/2019
· Time of the match16:00
· Stats
· ID of the match3015507 Add to Favorites
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Stadium info
· Stadium GKS Suchowola...
· Amount of attendance15.000
· Ends11.000
· Sides0
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
9' Jenaro Viejo 0-1
12' Renaud Givet 0-2
47' Jenaro Viejo 0-3
· Without fouls
86' Cezary Bałuszyński

Team marks
MMTS Kwidzyn
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldPassable *
Right backPassable *
Central defenseHigh passable *
Left backLow passable *
Right Attack Beginner *
Central Attack High passable *
Left Attack Beginner *
ExperienceGlorious *
* An injury/red card can affect the team marks from the moment of the incident.
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldLow passable *
Right backHigh outstanding *
Central defenseHigh outstanding *
Left backLow good *
Right Attack High passable *
Central Attack High beginner *
Left Attack Good *
ExperienceLow excellent *
* An injury/red card can affect the team marks from the moment of the incident.
Individual marks
MMTS Kwidzyn 30.00
Tiger_Muslim 52.50

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