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Schweiz U21 2 - 1 Perú U21

Local team Global statistics Away team
5-4-1 Formation 4-3-3
0 Fouls 0
0 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
38.05% First Half Possession 61.95%
36.30% Second Half Possession 63.70%

Welcome to the stadium CS FC Ialomiţa Stadium. A Neutral venue where the teams Schweiz U21 and Perú U21 will clash. The lines-up are in, 5-4-1 for the home team and 4-3-3 for the visiting team.s Abadie Murphy - Giocopo Printzheim, Marco Lichtsteiner, Eddy Maniche, Florent Robben, Apolo Wasselonne - Raphaël Lichtsteiner, Rudolph Simunic, Scott Zehnacker, Raphaël Vogel - Zachary Allenwiller for the home team and Leonardo Soto - Luis Javier Diego Penny, Ronald Chumpitaz, Rinaldo Barbadillo, Donato De la Torre - Jair Quezada, Gerónimo Libman, Donato Villazan - Derrick Rubio, Rafael Rabanal, Jefferson Ballesteros for the visiting team.
Enjoy with this suresly a very good match.

Here we are in the final group stages of the national teams championship, and although there's still a way left til the final, the atmosphere is electric, we are in the town of Braşov in România, where the national teams of Schweiz U21 and Perú U21 are going to play. After hearing the national anthems of both countries the match will start.

Matthieu Zurutuza will be the referee of today's match, he is born in France and a member of the Bourgogne association. To be honest, this guy is a bot of a soft touch, and some players will be looking to get away with a bit of funny business tonight. Let's hope no one gets hurt, unlike the last time he whistled a match.

Min.5, Goal !!!, Raphaël Lichtsteiner dribbles past Luis Javier Diego Penny and takes a couple of step overs, leaving himself in front of the keeper, Leonardo Soto. He's dribbled the keeper and has no trouble completing the formality of slotting the ball into the open goal. The scores now stand at 1-0. The supporters are now behaving like complete hooligans after the first goal. Min.22, Perú U21 nearly scored. Jefferson Ballesteros ran onto a great ball from Donato Villazan, which beat the offside trap, the keeper came rushing out and the lob was attempted, but the lob didnt succeed. Min.28, Gerónimo Libman tried a long ball into the box, but the defence are on top atm and the ball was cleared by Apolo Wasselonne towards the corner and in fact it went out for a corner kick. Min.29, Jefferson Ballesteros put in the corner, and after a bit of a scramble and some rubbish attempted clearances, it fell to the feet of Gerónimo Libman who hit it first time, it looked good, but some late swerve made it clatter the post, Gerónimo Libman can't believe his luck. Min.33, Zachary Allenwiller has got some magic feet and shows us all his trickery to get into a great position in the box, unfortunately for him, he's a complete donkey and tripped over his twinkle toes and face planted the ball, which proceeds to roll out harmlessly for a goal kick. Min.39, Gooooool !!!, Derrick Rubio scored and is now smiling lots. The score is now 1-1. This match has not a winner yet and everything can stll happen Min.43, Luis Javier Diego Penny has a pop, but Abadie Murphy takes that one with ease.

Min.45, half time here, with the score at 1-1, as they say, it's not over til the fat lady sings, so lets see what the second half brings us. The away team had 62 %. possession of the ball.

Min 46, It's clear that the attack focuses are as follows home attacking - by the left touchline. away attacking - by the center. Min.50, Derrick Rubio makes a good run in from the right touchline, before going 1-on-1 with Eddy Maniche, who eventually wins the ball and clears it away. Min.51 That was a wasted chance by Jefferson Ballesteros... 1-on-1 with Abadie Murphy and 5 yards from goal, and he's put it right into the stands where the Schweiz U21 fans are sitting... you can hear the donkey brays ringing from around the stadium! Min.56, Derrick Rubio left the defense behind. The moment Jefferson Ballesteros ran straight towards the keeper he should have known that a pass-like ball would be sufficient to hit the net yet he attempts a shot and the as expected the ball flew high and wide right into the stands. Abadie Murphy was blatantly laughing after that horrible attempt quite honestly we can only agree. Min.66, Goal!!!, Raphaël Lichtsteiner went past Luis Javier Diego Penny and crossed the ball to the edge of the box. Where Zachary Allenwiller was waiting and volleyed it in off the bar... what a finish that was, well worth watching match of the day for! The score is now 2-1. Smiles returned on the faces of the fans. The goal has calmed down nervous fans. The dollar signs in the sponsor's eyes are back too... Min.70, Perú U21 nearly scored. Derrick Rubio ran onto a great ball from Jair Quezada, which beat the offside trap, the keeper came rushing out and the lob was attempted, but the lob didnt succeed. Min.76, miss for Perú U21. Cross by Rafael Rabanal from the left wing towards Jefferson Ballesteros , who gets his head on it, but there's no real power on it and Abadie Murphy has no trouble catching that. Min.80, Rudolph Simunic sends a poor cross in from the right towards the area, allowing the ball to be cleared by Donato De la Torre, who swiftly goes on the counter attack. The fans are loving it! Min.81, Abadie Murphy has to the corner to challenge Derrick Rubio for the ball but erm, he failed. Fortunately for him, Eddy Maniche of Schweiz U21 has got across to cover him and plays it safe and gives away the corner. Min.82, what an incredible piece of skill by Raphaël Lichtsteiner, he cut in from the left and ghosted past one defender before playing a square ball across to Raphaël Vogel, who aimed to score, but didnt.

Min.90, and that's the end of the game here, the teams make their way off the field to the applause of the crowds. The game finished 2-1. The away team had 64 %. possession of the ball.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchCup
· Rules League
· Date of the match18/10/2009
· Time of the match16:00
· Stats
· ID of the match543383 Add to Favorites
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Stadium info
· Stadium CS FC Ialomiţa...
· Amount of attendance58.000
· Ends22.000
· Sides32.000
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
5' Raphaël Lichtsteiner 1-0
39' Derrick Rubio 1-1
66' Zachary Allenwiller 2-1
· Without fouls
· Without warnings

Team marks
Schweiz U21
Focus AttacksLeft touchline
Focus DefenseNeutral
Right backHigh outstanding
Central defenseExpert
Left backLow good
Right Attack Low beginner
Central Attack High beginner
Left Attack Low expert
ExperienceLow good
Perú U21
Focus AttacksCentral Attack
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldHigh outstanding
Right backHigh outstanding
Central defenseLow outstanding
Left backHigh outstanding
Right Attack Beginner
Central Attack High expert
Left Attack Beginner
ExperienceHigh good
Individual marks
Schweiz U21 54.00
Perú U21 67.50

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