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0.- Introduction: ProFurgol.com is an online football game, in which you can be the manager and master of a football club that wears the name you want . You could do the following things: buy, give in and sell players, train your team, manage its economy, build the best stadium in the world, decide how to deal with the youth players and manage the merchandising. All this is possible because you will be the only manager and you will have absolute power in aspects such as economy, injuries, psychology, transfers and many many many more things...

0.01.-Playing Structure: This league structures are like a pyramid and has a clear structure. Each league consists of 8 teams. And the divisions are multiplied by 4 in each layer. Meaning that the first league consists of only one league, the second exists of 4 leagues with 8 teams each (32 teams altogether). In all leagues there are positions with an extra meaning. The first position of a league means you're the champion of that league and will promote directly or by playing an promotion/relegation game, to the next league and will receive a financial bonus. Places 2,3 and 4 will not promote but with receive a financial bonus. Places 5 and 6 will have to play a relegation match against the other 5 and 6 placed teams of that layer. The teams placed 7th and 8th will relegate directly. They will take the place left by the direct promoted teams of the lower division. In the first league you can't promote any more, the championship will serve as tissue to wipe away the tears.

0.02.-Almighty Strategy: In this game the most important thing is the strategies you choose to deal with the dilemmas you will have to face as to matches, leagues, training, youths and so on. The developers have decided that strategy is the key to success therefore almost every aspect of the game has something to do with strategy. A team with a good strategy, good youth system and a good planning will mostly have more success than others. We have tried to make every aspect of the game in a way that everybody can use their own methods and choices.

0.03.-Playing Objective: Giving the user the absolute responsibility over their team, in every aspect: players, youths, doctors, stadium and so on. The main goal is to have fun and to use time to find out how to improve the team every day.

1.- How can I obtain a team in ProFurgol.com?: To get a team you only need to give us an original name for your team and an e-mail account where all the data of your team and the activation mail will be send. After choosing the name of your team, you can fill in the form at :"Become a member". Please, fill in your real personal details, because if you lack doing so or filled in offensive or other forbidden user - or team name your request will be canclled. When you finish, you will receive an e-mail to activate your team, after doing so you will be placed on the waiting list.

2.- I have my team, what should I do now?: You have received an e-mail informing you that you have been assigned a team in a division and league in ProFurgol.com. To start, you must fill in your user and pass to be able to enter in the game and start to get in touch with your new team. It is now where most interesting and important things start: you must read the rules and acquire the necessary knowledge to manage your club. Here we are not going to give you tips, we are only going to explain you how the game works. Each manager decides how to manage his team, choosing the economic and sports policies to achieve the highest position.

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