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10.- Matches: Here you are able to see all the matches you have played and the ones you will have to play in the near future. It's important to, when you have studied your team and rival, adapt your line-up and formation to gain the best results possible. There are some default line-ups available and 2 free slots to be able to make your own formation.

10.00.-Match engine: We can tell you some basic things about the engine without using extensive details one of those things is how the engine parts work internally. The engine uses data and below we will tell how they are used to simulate a match. The first thing you should know is that there are individual and team skills, with this data the engine calculates the amount of spectators, referee's decisions, and to calculate the strategies. The engine compares both the formations and line ups of the teams and calculates the individual and team values. Using 3 strikers is absolutely not the same as using one, the same goes for other positions as well. Also left and right-footed players will be calculated different, after that the musculature and form will be calculated. It's important to get the best ratings possible but it doesn't mean you automatically win the game if your rating is higher. There is also a factor called "luck" and don't forget the tactic of your opponent, with a good tactic you can influence the outcome of the game strongly. The engine calculates the value of the midfield and distributes the chances to the teams. (more ball possession means more chances) But more ball possession absolutely doesn't mean you win the match automatically, because those chances aren't necessary scoring chances. When the game starts the chances are shown during the match. Based on all kinds of factors it's easy or hard to score a goal. Bear in mind that your LEFT striker will have to go past the RIGHT defender and vice versa. Then there are the set pieces, like corners, penalties but also other things like free kicks and counters. To score you need a good striker and enough ball possession. Losing can be hard but gives you motivation to go on and test and improve your tactics. Maybe you will have more luck next season. There are a lot of ways to make your team stronger.

10.01.-Played matches: Click on the link of a played match to see the results, the things that have happened during the match, and detailed statistics to be able to study the whole match.

10.01.1-Global statistics: Here you can see the match result, line-ups of both teams, and fouls statistics, possession and cards.

10.01.2-Match commentary: This link shows you the comments of your match in text mode. These comments are separated in phrases of the most important actions of your match such as the time in minutes and so on using a different color for the home and away teams. With these sentences and the match result you can analyze what has gone well or wrong to improve the line up or formations for your future matches. Every good coach should review all of his team matches a thousand times. Here the TV is broken and we only receive the radio comments, but for a wise and perceptive manager like you these comments should be enough to improve your team and gain more from it.

10.01.3-Stats: Here you see a little summary of your match in numbers. Don't make them betray you, statistics just don't lie, but they don't give you victories. Consider these data, study and learn from them. It's simply nonsense that when you're a bit better on paper than your opponent, you'll always win. We repeat: statistics don't give victories.

10.01.4-Team marks: This screen allows you to see and to measure the rating progress of your team displayed by field zones..You can check if your new right winger has contributed to your rating as much as you would have hoped for. These ratings are the value of your team in some zones of the pitch and of course, each pitch zone is influenced by a few players. I

10.01.5-Individual marks: This link will take you to see your team formation on the pitch and moreover the individual rating of each player in each position in the field. By checking it you will be able to know the best position of a player, or how to make a player contribute more. A good coach should assess all that information match by match to improve performances. Experience and enough information are important.

10.02.-Next matches: If you click on the link of the next match opens a page where you will see where and when the match will be held. You will also be able to change your line up.

10.02.1-Away and home team efect: In every match played in ProFurgol.com there is an effect which must be noticed. This effect benefits home teams, and thus works against away teams and make more difficult to defeat the home team and give you a benefit in home team matches.This means that when you are playing at home you increase your attack and midfield ratings, but your defence is worse, because your team tends to attack more when it plays at home. However, an away team plays in a stadium he doesn't know well and can therefore be overwhelmed. As an away team your defence will perform better than normal but your attack will decrease a litlle bit.

10.02.2-Derby or Home game efect: This effect only occurs in matches in which both teams are from the same region. When that occurs the home team effect will disappearand both teams play without any benefit. That is because the away team is supposed to feel more encouraged because they play against a rival. While normally the away team plays in a stadium they don't know and could therefore be overwhelmed.

10.03.-Set line-up: You need to click this link to make the line-up and formation that you want for each match. You will have to have the line-up confirmed for your match 30 minutes before it begins, if you're too late, you will not be able to change the formation and line-up for that match, so do not wait until the last moment. In this section there are a lot of aspects you need to know about so we will explain them one by one to you:

10.03.1-Change line-up: It is a drop-down menu from where you can choose the line-up you want for each match. In this menu you have a set of pre-defined line-ups, but if you choose the option 'Generated' you could make a drawing of a line-up without limits, as you like, and you could do the tactitc you prefer to fight against your next rival. Test in the friendly matches and make changes until you find the tactic that obtains the best results and that fixes better to your player's team.

10.03.2-Numbers: Here you will see all the players who have a number (and who could be lined-up for a match) separated by the different positions they have on the pitch. When hoovering you can see all the important details of each player, which could help you when choosing the best position of each player .Keep in mind that for each position in the field there are main and secondary qualities. The better these qualities are, the better he will perform. It doesn't make sense to put a striker with Outstanding attack in defence since the skill Attack is useless for a defender. .

10.03.3-Substitutes: Here you are able to choose the substitutions of your team. This option is very important as your substitutions can substitute an injured player who can't play anymore, forgetting to set substitutions would in this case mean you would play with 10 men. Make sure you set the positions of the players correctly, putting an attacker in defence might ruin your match.

10.03.4-Formation: Here you have to fill in each position of the pitch with the number of the player that you think has the best skills for that position. As mention above, it's utter nonsense to put an attack in defence because the attacker does not have the required skills for that position. In real life no manager would put Fabregas in the goal, unless someone bribed the manager so why would you do that here? You have to study which skills are needed for which position to make sure you have the best line up possible. If you have a very good defence and a poor bunch of forwards, make sure you gain the best out of the defenders to make sure you keep a clean sheet and win some matches so that you have money in the future to buy some better forwards. Here you have a useful chart to decide which player plays best at which position:

Necessary skills for each position on the field
Position Physical Primary Secondaries
 - Goalkeeper Form
Goalkeeper   - Normal: Position
 - Central defender Form
Defense   - Normal: Position and Passes
  - Offensive: Creativity and Passes
  - Towards side: Winger and Passes
 - Full-back Form
Winger   - Normal: Passes and Defense
  - Deffensive: Defense and Position
  - Offensive: Creativity and Passes
  - Towards midfield: Position and Defense
 - Central midfielder Form
Creativity   - Normal: Position and Passes
  - Deffensive: Defense and Position
  - Offensive: Passes and Unmark
  - Towards side: Winger and Unmark
 - Winger Form
Winger   - Normal: Unmark and Creativity
  - Deffensive: Defense and Creativity
  - Offensive: Passes and Unmark
  - Towards midfield: Creativity and Position
 - Forward Form
Attack   - Normal: Unmark and Passes
  - Deffensive: Creativity and Defense
  - Towards side: Winger and Passes

10.03.5-Corner kicker and free kicker: Here you have to set a plaer who has the highest skill on Set Pieces. Together with his passing and experience he will not only take free kicks and penalties but also free kicks and corners. Choose the player with the highest Set Piece skills but also take a look at experience to make sure he doesn't get nervous. Passing is always a handy skill when having to cross a ball in.

10.03.6-Change line up: You can only click this option if the line up used is made by you. If so, you can edit the formation. All positions except the goalkeeper can be replaced. You can use your own imagination when making formations, although there are some limits. Also bear in mind that it's of major importance that you thoroughly scout your opponent to use the weak spots of your opponent in your advantage. The user who manages his team the best will have better results in the short term. 1 of 2: The first step to do when making your own line up is, choosing the positions on the field.. Remember that there are some slight limitations when making a line up:
 - The goalkeeper can't be moved and should stay at his spot.
 - In each box you can only choose one position.
 - You can select as much positions in each line as you want.
 - You can not select more than 3 central defenders, central midfielders or strikers.
 - There can not be more than 10 selected positions.
 - To remove a position use the matching cross. 2 of 2: The second step when you're creating or editing your line up is to check whether you're satisfied with the result. If that's not the case, press cancel and try it again. When you're finally satisfied you can give your own line up a name. This is recommended because it's easier to select the line up the next time. Other teams can't see your names. Only the number of positions per line: 4-4-2, and so on.

10.03.7-Focus Attacks: Here you can decide which side of the field should be used to attack most. For example: If you have a left offensive winger and no winger on the other side it's logical that you want most attacks to occur on the left side of the field this is especially important when your opponent's defence or your attack is too weak. It's generally very important to focus your attacks. It's very important to study your opponent and to strengthen your weak side. If you decide not to focus, the attacks will be played over either of the 3 sides. The various possibilities are: touchline: With this tactical focus your players will try to play most of their attacks on the right side of the field, which is the left side of the opponent's defence. touchline: With this tactical focus your players will try to play most of their attacks on the left side of the field, which is the right side of the opponent's defence sides: With this tactical focus your players will try to play most of their on both sides of the field, which is of course both sides of the opponent's defence Attack : With this tactical focus your players will try to play most of their attacks on the center of the field, which is the center of the opponent's defense. shot: With this tactical focus your players will shoot on goal and thus bombard the opponent's goalkeeper.

10.03.8-Choose Penalty kickers: If you click this link you will be able to choose the penalty kickers in case of a penalty shoot-out in the next match. In the league matches the matches are always finished after 90 minutes, shoot-outs don't exist in those matches. The only matches were shoot-outs happen are cup matches and promotion/relegation matches. After 90 minutes and 2 times 15 minutes of extra time there will be shoot-outs, in that case it's of big importance that you have chosen the penalty-kick takers prior to the match. For taking penalty kicks the following skills are important: Set Pieces, Attack and Experience.

10.04.-Team marks: Here we will explain in detail what's needed to improve the rating of our team, which positions should we use and which are the most important ones. For the match engine the whole team is important. in other words, when your team is more balanced the better the values are in the zones: attack, midfield and defense. The match engine analyzes the line up in 7 zones that can be influenced by the players in many ways. Depending on their position they will contribute more or less to your rating. Example: A right defender won't add much to the left defense zone but a central defender will contribute to both zones.

10.04.1-Midfield: The midfield zone is a zone in which a lot of players have influence as it's the headquarters of your players.

10.04.2-Right back: The rating of the lateral defence area is based on players that play on that particular side. The players of the other side don't have influence. Players that do have influence are: full back, wing, midfielders, central defenders and the goalkeeper.

10.04.3-Central defense: The central defense rating is based on players who play in the central section of the pitch. The positions involved are central defenders, midfielders, full backs and the goalkeeper.

10.04.4-Left back: The rating of the lateral defence area is based on players that play on that particular side. The players of the other side don't have influence. Players that do have influence are: full back, wing, midfielders, central defenders and the goalkeeper.

10.04.5-Right Attack : The lateral attack rating is based in players who play along this side and is not influenced by players of the opposite side. The positions involved are wingers, full back, midfielders and forwards.

10.04.6-Central Attack : The central attack zone is influenced by central players. The positions that contribute to the rating are strikers, midfielders and wingers.

10.04.7-Left Attack : The lateral attack rating is based in players who play along this side and is not influenced by players of the opposite side. The positions involved are wingers, full back, midfielders and forwards.

10.05.-Referee: From the season 5 PRO, all matches will have assigned a referee. This new comes with a little surprise. The type/ character of the referee is directly involved in matches that referees and will be felt in them. As a main point no one will know which referee is assigned to his match until it begins to play. In the following lines we will explain how can change his intervention in matches that referees according to the type of referee who is.

10.05.1-Permissive: This kind of referees let to play in excess, they aren't used to whistling fouls and the match could become in a mess, it benefits teams with strong attacks but at the same time is too permissive with teams playing aggressive defenses, this permissiveness could cause that trainer screams and shouts more than normal.

10.05.2-Good: This is the kind of referee preferred by all trainers, they are just and watch attentively every play, few times are wrong and they love fair play, they know when penalizing and when let playing. Many players feel admiration for them because it's rare to find one.

10.05.3-Disputatious: These kind of referees are delighted being too important, they are wrong in many decisions and they don't whistle a lot of fouls angering everyone involved. It's important to keep calm and to forget as soon as possible.

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