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11.- Friendlies: Here you can decide which team you want to play your friendly against. You can send invites here or accept invites from other people.Choose if you wish to be the home team or the away team. Moreover, you must choose whether you want to play via the league or cup rules, the first means that the match takes 90 minutes and the latter means that there will be extra times/penalties in case of a draw after the regular playing team. Playing friendlies does not affect your supporter's mood the only benefit you have from playing these matches is that you will receive 50% of the ticket income. Playing friendlies is a good way to try new line ups and formation. You can only play one friendly per week.

11.01.-News: Here you will find information on whether your friendly invitation has been accepted and you can accept invites send by others. The crowd likes cup rule matches more than a match played with league rules.

11.02.-Requests made for the: Here you have information about the requests you've send to other teams, showing only the ones that have not been canceled. When one of the invited teams accepts the invite, you automatically book a friendly. The rest of the requests are erased and the teams will be informed automatically. The rival team always gets information on how you prefer to play: which team is the home team and which the away team? And whether the match will be played using the league or cup rules.

11.03.-Requests friendlies for the: Here you have information about the request you have received of other teams without being yet accepted or canceled. Once you accept one, the rest of request are erased and the teams are automatically informed. This requests give you information about the rival team, if either you play as local or visiting team and the type or rules. Here you have information about the requests that haven't been accepted or canceled yet. Once you accept one, the other requests are erased, and the teams will be automatically informed. When inviting the teams they will receive information about your preferences: Which team will act as home team and which as away? What kind of rules do apply? Cup or league?

11.04.-Search teams to play friendlies: On this page you can search teams to invite. You can search by the team's name, user or ID, it's also possible to use the country parameter to search. When you have found the team you would like to challenge, you must click on it and in the right bottom you will see a box called friendlies. There you must configure the invite.

11.05.-International Football Friendly : These are games played between teams from different countries. The kick off time is the time friendlies are played in the country of the home team. When you're the away team, you'll see the time is not the same as the time your friendly would normally start at. The trip to the country is free at this moment. Moreover, there are small differences between national and international friendly matches. In case of an international friendly there will be more attendance and thus more income generated. The income will be divided between both teams. The players will also receive a little bit more experience than they would get when playing national friendlies. As well you can't accept and ask an international friendly on Wednesdays.

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