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Promotion / relegation

19.- Promotion / relegation: From this page you can see various information about promotion and relegation in ProFurgol.com. Promotion/relegation matches are only played if half or mkore of the leagues of the lower division are active: BOTS can't promote. Teams who play in a lower league that do not comply to those conditions will have to wait for new users to join ProFurgol.com meaning that when you play in one of the lower divisions you must watch this page closely. There is also a special condition: If the number of winners of a lower division is higher than the amount of bots in the division above, there could be forced promotions without relegations in the higher division.

19.01.-Direct promotion: In this part you can see the line where teams that promote directly are shown and the teams that will have to play a promotion/relegation match. It's possible that when you're the leader of your league you still don't promote since the amount of points and goal difference is a counting factor as well. You have to compare these with the other teams of the division in order to know whether you'll promote or not. If you have more points and goal difference than the rest, you will promote directly. If you are under the line you will have to play promotion/relegation matches. In that case you will play against a team in the higher division, if you win you promote, if your opponent wins you stay where you are.

19.02.-Direct relegation or promotion: This link will tell you whether your league relegation/promotions are active in your division. If so, it's important to know that when you end up 5th or 6th in the league, you must play a promotion/relegation match in order to stay in your current division. If you lose you will be relegated and your opponent will promote to your league. In order to have active promotion/relegation, half or more of the bottom division must be active teams.

19.03.-Promotion: If you have to play a promotion/relegation match, it has two matches that will be played in the weeks 15 and 16, in ProFurgol.com's pre-season. One of the matches will be played in your stadium and one in your opponent's stadium. In the second match the goals of the first match are added, the amount of goals still should be the same, for instance: 3-3. Then the amount of goals when playing away will be counted double. In a case where there is still no difference, two extra time periods will be played, and if the result stays the same, a penalty shoot out will be played. If the amount of scored penalties is the same after 5 penalties, a so-called sudden death will be played until one team fails to score.Rivals in every game promotion is chosen in a random drawing of a group where it would be all the 5th and 6th division of the upper and lower half of the first of the lower division, the choice is random and in form of lottery without no written rule, but once chosen the matches always the first one is in the field of the team that promotes to ascend and vice versa, in addition the descending team defends his position if the ascending team wins he was occupying his position and vice versa.

19.04.-Bot: Teams without default line up, lose all matches by 5-0.

19.05.-Semibot: Teams with standard line ups, and without owner will always play the same.

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