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26.- Negotiations: Only the contracts of your first team coach and junior coach have to be negotiated. Every 3 seasons you'll have to renegotiate with your coaches (price negotiation and duration of the contract). If you decide to change of coach before the end of the contract of your current coach, then the new coach starts all over again with a contract of 3 seasons. When your coach has completed two seasons of the contract you will be notified of this with a domestic news to give yourself time to decide what you'll do. When his contract is only valid for another 8 weeks, you will be able to start negotiations with your coach. In the following points we will discuss everything related to the period of negotiating with your coaches.

26.00.-Salary bonus: Each time you renew your trainer contract, his salary will be reduced by 10%, if you agree with his agent.It's a gesture to the club for the faith the club has in him. The second time his contract is renewed you will be awarded with 20% of discount. If you renew hi contract for the third time you will get a reduction of 20% only. This is the highest discount possible.

26.01.-Special hiring conditions for the new trainer: The first team trainers do only have a contract for a period of 48 weeks which is 3 seasons. When the contract is finished, you will be able to negotiate over a new contract. This will cost less than his first contract. If you do not have the money or are not willing to renew his contract, his level will lower with nothing less than 2 levels. (for example from Passable High to Passable Low) His contract will be automatically renewed but will cost you only 50% of what you would pay for a new trainer. If your trainer has a level lower than Beginner Low, he will leave your team automatically. The board will hire a new one but with a lower level ( no team can play matches without first team trainer) . Before this happens, and only in case of enough trust from the board in your trainer, you will be able to negotiate over a contract. You will be informed in time when his contract runs out. You can see when the contract runs out on the trainer information page.
The trainer has a contract that lasts 48 weeks. From week 40 you can negotiate with him about a contract extension. Should you be unable to agree with him the trainer will lose 2 trainers levels, does he reach beginner low, he will receive permission to leave the team moreover his contract will be automatically extended by 3 seasons while you pay 50% of his value on the market. ( if you don't want him anymore, you can always fire him). Check the section "negotiations" for more info on the matter.

26.02.-Special hiring conditions will be applied to the new juniors trainer: Youth trainers will only maintain their training level and their training capacity for an amount of 48 weeks or 3 seasons. When his contract runs out you're able to negotiate over a new one, costing you less than a new hiring, but if you do not have enough money or you do not want to renew him, he will lose a level in both his level and capacity. If a youth trainer has capacity for only one youth player, and you do not agree over a new contract, he will leave the club. You will be informed in time if that is the case. You can see when the contract runs out on the trainer's page.
This is to remind you that the contract of your youth coaches last for 48 weeks (3 seasons). If you want to extend this contract you can do so starting from week 40. If you do not reach an agreement with him, this may lower their ability to train a player less and also a lower level of training and it will be automatically extended with another 3 seasons, in which you will have to pay a minimum of 50% of the price such a coach would cost on the market (If you don't want him to stay any longer you can fire him before the period expires). And if any of the levels reaches 0 he will receive permission from the board to leave. When negotiating with your youth coach you have a dead line of 8 weeks before you must have an agreement.

26.03.-Factors to be taken into account during the negotiations with your coach: Negotiations are an exercise of expertise and shrewdness to the manager that submits an offer that the coach can not refuse but also leaving the team benefited economically by the renewal of the coach. This means that if your coach accepts an offer you will never know if he had accepted an offer slightly lower or whether the offer was perfect. It's important to take into account that you to have a maximum of 8 offers and if you waste them maybe you have to offer much more than what your employee would really accept for fear of losing your current coach. Before you start the negotiations you have to take into account all the factors that can positively or negatively influence the final decision of your coach and his representative. These are the factors: The number of offers can cause your coach to be more demanding as he sees that the end of the period draws near, confidence of your board of directors in the coach helps that the coach is more tolerant, the minimum offer you can do begins at 50% of what his signing cost you, the level of the coach will also be a factor that can make him more demanding in the final price of its renewal and finally the circumstances of your team can cause your coach to be more demanding or more tolerant depending on the merits achieved in seasons by your team (championships, great results, and so on). As a final point we want to remember that the price depends on all these unique and individual values for each team which makes that the final price of each renewal doesn’t have anything to do with a team and another.

26.04.-Autorenew: If you choose the 'AutoRenew' option you make a higher offer to what your coach would accept under current conditions and when taking all offers into account. This means that this is a very interesting option if you don't want to negotiate with your coach and you just want to renew him, or if it's your last offer and you are so desperate to renew him that you don't want to take a risk. Of course the automatic renewal offer will ways be lower than the signing price and higher than 50% of what he cost you, as well as a bonus that will always be greater than what he really would have accepted, but his representative is the one who sets the price in case of automatic renewal, making the club to pay something more but the result, unlike any other offer, is that the coach immediately accepts the offer and his contract is automatically extended with 3 new seasons, starting from the deadline of his contract but not from the date when he accepted the agreement like with an usual an offer. If you renew his contract when he has still 7 weeks left his contract extension begins at the date his contract would finish.

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