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Team Info

4.- Team Info: The information of your team is a general overview of its actual situation. You can see various information about team such as: Name, ID, Position, League, Country, Owner, Coach, Players, Next matches....

4.01.-Team name: You can change the name once per season

4.02.-ID of the team: It is the number that identifies only and exclusively your team.

4.03.-Name of the stadium: See the stadium facilities of the team

4.04.-Team Coach: You can see the characteristics and qualities of the coach

4.05.-Owner: You can see the details of the user
  4.05.1-Bot: Teams without default line up, lose all matches by 5-0.
  4.05.2-Semibot: Teams with standard line ups, and without owner will always play the same.

4.06.-Position in the league and division: You can see the division, classification and position of the team here

4.07.-Number of fans: Total number of supporters of the team

4.08.-Medium valuation of the team: Average rating out of 1000 of all of your team players. It's updated every friday.

4.09.-Position in : The position in national ranking, important for the National Cup of next season.

4.10.-ProFurgol Ranking: Your position in the total ranking of ProFurgol.com ( all countries)

4.11.-Country: Name and link to the country of your club

4.12.-Region: Country Region of the team.

4.13.-Interesting links: A list with the most relevant and important information of the team.
  4.13.1-Matches: List of all the matches of the team.
  4.13.2-Players: List with the public information of the team players.
  4.13.3-Players for sale: List of the players on the transfer list of the team, at the moment.
  4.13.4-History: List of achievements and important moments of the team's history
  4.13.5-Player Transfers: List of all the transfers of the team: sold, bought and fired players...
  4.13.6-Send PRO-mail: To privately communicate with the team owner
  4.13.7-Friendlies: Information of the friendly matches of the team.

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