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9.- Juniors: Al teams can have up to 5 youth players, these 5 players can be trained in every possible skill. At the end of the season ( during week 15 and 16 to be precise, the week number changes on Monday right after the financial update) you can promote the youth players to the first team or fire them. In this way you create new spaces for new youth players who must stay for at least a season. Of course it's possible to keep them in the youth team for another season. To get the best out of your youth school it's important to have a good training plan and a good trainer, we will explain it below:

9.00.-Limit age for being a Junior: Youth players can be promoted to the junior school at the age of 15 or 16, but they can only be there until they are 19. If you do not promote them before that time, they themselves will ask for it and be promoted directly to the first team. You'll be asked to give them a number so they can start training. If you want to promote him to the first team before that age, you must take into account that he must have been in the junior school for at least one season. So, the minimum age for a junior player to promote to the first team is 16 and the maximum is 20. This means that the season when he is 19 years old he can continue being part of your junior school. Remember that taking him into your school means he'll be in your junior school and promoting him will change his contract from a youth contract to a professional contract. This means he will be a professional player and belongs to your first team.

9.01.-Information of your juniors: Here you can manage your juniors. You have a file with the most important skills of each one of them. You can only promote or dismiss your juniors during pre-season. If you click on the name of a junior you will have more detailed information displaying his personal file. It's important to point out that each youth player has a fixed salary at the beginning and a value of 0 out of 1000. After the first training this value will be updated. More information about player's value in player's section in Official Guide.

9.02.-Juniors coaches: The best way to improve your youth’s players performance depends on the quality of your youth’s trainers. As top you can hire 5 youth’s trainers. Design your youth training strategy thinking in your first team development. It’s easy to hire a high level trainer able to train only 1 player but it will become more expensive when he will be able to train more youths players until the feature of 5. At any moment youths’ trainers can be fired or taken on. Keep in mind that it’s not possible to get 2 trainers with the same training level. You are allowed to keep some trainers but with different level.

9.03.-Special hiring conditions will be applied to the new juniors trainer: Youth trainers will only maintain their training level and their training capacity for an amount of 48 weeks or 3 seasons. When his contract runs out you're able to negotiate over a new one, costing you less than a new hiring, but if you do not have enough money or you do not want to renew him, he will lose a level in both his level and capacity. If a youth trainer has capacity for only one youth player, and you do not agree over a new contract, he will leave the club. You will be informed in time if that is the case. You can see when the contract runs out on the trainer's page.
The trainer has a contract that lasts 48 weeks. From week 40 you can negotiate with him about a contract extension. Should you be unable to agree with him the trainer will lose 2 trainers levels, does he reach beginner low, he will receive permission to leave the team moreover his contract will be automatically extended by 3 seasons while you pay 50% of his value on the market. ( if you don't want him anymore, you can always fire him). Check the section "negotiations" for more info on the matter.

9.04.-Juniors training: When you have your 5 youth players along with the coach or coaches. You need to set up a weekly training. Your youth players train once a week. Their training is the same as your first team with one exception they train a few percent more. In the first team they don't receive those extra percent so consider keeping your youth players a bit longer but it's still up to you to decide.

9.05.-Number of training sessions: Here you will be able to see the improves made by your youth players in a certain skill. When your youth player has a skill up in a certain skill, the counter that displays the amount of training sessions between a skill up will be reset. In this way you can estimate the amount of time needed before he has his next skill up.

9.06.-Changes in the trainings: On this page you have access to a log that shows all the skill ups/downs and value changes of your youth players. Week after week, season after season. In this way you can see his whole process over the seasons.

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