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General information
 Team name : Noeliuka FC → Add to Favorites
 ID of the team : 585
 Position in the league and division : 1º in II.2
 Ranking España : 9 - Country Ranking
 ProFurgol Ranking : 425 - Total Ranking
 Country : España
 Region : Principado de Asturias
 Name of the stadium : Trasgu´s Camp
 Team Coach : Giacinto Saronni
 Owner : Noeliuka - Send PRO-mail
 Number of fans : 19.975
 Medium valuation of the team : 581 / 1000

Official trophies

5.46 (Season4)

IV.24 (Season6)

IV.24 (Season7)

IV.9 (Season9)

III.5 (Season14)

III.16 (Season17)

III.16 (Season24)

III.16 (Season26)

II.1 (Season32)

II.2 (Season38)

II.2 (Season43)

International Elite PRO league (Season21)

International Elite PRO league (Season30)

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