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1.- Read the Rules of Profurgol.com, it is very important that you understand perfectly what is allowed and what is not, basically it's forbidden to cheat and to misbehave, you will get punished for this.

2.- Check the Official Guide and press the 'Help' links when you have doubts, at all pages, at least when you are logged in on ProFurgol.com, there is a "Help" link. It will redirect you immediately to the page where all aspects will be explained in detail. It's very important to read the guide thoroughly to know everything and to know which 'tools' you have at your disposal to be successful in ProFurgol.com

3.- Do not buy, sell or fire any player at the beginning, first check your team until you found out which players are the best and which players are obsolete, what kind of players your team needs and get to know the sequel of skills, it's better to wait a little bit longer until you know the player skills and how the Transfer Market works.

4.- Do not make big investments at the beginning, do not extend the stadium if you do not know how many supporters will visit your matches, do not sign a new trainer if you do not know how the training works. It is important that you are patient and that you don't throw your money you have at the beginning. Wait before the financial update has finished to have an idea about the amount of weekly expenses and income.

5.- Save your first line-up, read the Matches section of the Guide and you will know where to place your players and what qualities are necessary for every position on the pitch, it is important that you have a predetermined line-up if you forget to do the line-up for your next match. When the team is given to you, the line-up is a standard line-up and does not keep many parameters in mind, it is important that you take some time before you choose your players and start experimenting to find the best tactical system of the game to begin. Remember that the friendly matches are a marvellous opportunity to test, the league is more important therefore your supporters and the Board of Directors will put pressure on you.

6.- Start and select the first training of your players, every week two trainings are done, where you can train up to 5 players in each of them. It is very important that you check the Training section of the Guide and start your training as soon as possible. Remember that the training is long-term so make sure you take into account the economic and sports effects of the training you choose. The training of your players is fundamental to make sure that your economical and sports success fit well together so you'll be able to improve season after season.

7.- Promote your 5 juniors and establish their training, all the teams have a maximum space of 5 places to train juniors in the youth school. Week by week they'll be trained on the qualities that you wish. Check the juniors section in the Guide to fully understand the workings of your youth school. Contracting a junior is letting the junior go to the first team and to promote is choosing a young player to register for your youth school. It is important that you have these two concepts clear when we speak of Juniors.

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