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Terms of Use
1.- All data that you are sending must be totally correct; if it isn't, your registration will be rejected
2.- You have to register in the country you live in and if your country is not in the list, choose 'Global Pro' country; in the future when your country is created, you can move your team to that country. If you've chosen 'Global Pro', in region section you must choose your country of origin.
3.- You can only ask for one team; if a friend wants a team, he must register himself to get one.
4.- If several users are sharing a connection, it is totally forbidden to make any transfers between the teams; if you don't do anything that can be labeled as cheating, your have nothing to worry about. Check the Official Rules.
5.- If you have any problems with the registration, send us a e-mail with your data to info [@] profurgol.com
6.- User name, Nickname and Team name must have more than 4 characters and not be owned by another PRO user.
7.- The password must be formed by at least 8 characters (numbers and letters required)

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Important: Please, check your e-mail account and look in the SPAM folder as the profurgol mail it could have been identified as such. Accept mails from profurgol to make sure it arrives in the normal inbox.

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