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19/09/2020 14:36:12 - experience max 30 now
From Pro News: "-- Limitation of level 30 in experience is completed. From now on,
it´ not longer possible to have a player having experience level higher than 30."

What does it mean for the ABS national team and the ABS players training?

It is now more important than before that players get double training from the
earliest possible age and continue it for a long time (For example, ages 16-26).

In the future, when players end their national team careers earlier, new players
will be needed to replace them faster than before, so young players need to
focus on good practice. Then, as players around the age of 26-27, move on to
1 practice per week so that the national team can start playing the player more.

In the current system, young ABS players do not need ABS games to gain experience,
as ABS players get the maximum experience easily and sometimes even before an ABS
career with U21 national team and club team games alone, such as this player got.
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