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19/08/2013 23:46:57 - players
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06/05/2009 22:56:15 - Hellas U21
Hi again and welcome to Hellas U21 - The Under 21 Greek's National Team!

Coach: geo - Romania (17 years)
I'm here to help greek community to expand and increase it's national skills. I'm at your service with all kind of answers.

Assistent: PaulHacker - Romania (15 years)
Having a good friend as mu assistent is an important thing because we can comunicate better and find good tactics together.

As you can all see, The World Cup has started:

-here is out standings:

1. Perú U21
2. Brasil U21
3. Schweiz U21
4. Portugal U21
5. China U21
6. Türkiye U21
7. Hellas U21
8. Slovenija U21

Like all the coaches, me and my assistent are planning to win as many games as we can in order to earn many points and in the same time, our ticket to the next stage or this World Cup.

It's hard for us because it's only our first season but with your help,we hope to build a good and strong team.

How can you help us?
Easy: -send players to U21 NT and we will take care about the rest.

Don't forget: Go Hellas!!!



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