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04-04-2009 18:34 - Why was PRO created ?

Hi my friends of PRO,

I want to start this blog telling why PRO was created, i think that this is a good idea to everybody know more about of PRO and the person who created this game.

My name is Pedro, i’m 31 years old from Spain. I’ve been working in the Internet since 1999, for that i never had much time to play games online. But one day on 2003 i knew one wonderfull game of soccer, i’ve allways loved this kind of games but i’d allways played them in my PC. So i played and enjoyed this game for some years with more activity and more love put there into my players, team, transfers, matches, friends that i knew there...

But one day i’ve received a ban of my team for telling me that i was a cheater. Of course it was a lie i wasn’t a cheater and i had not done anything wrong, but one of the admins in this game hates me (still today i don’t know why), and he found a ridiculous reason for ban me. This ridiculous log file it was that my brother went to my house and try to conect into his account (he lived in his house, never had shared conection until this day) and my firefox, more people know it, remember user and pass when you enter into a website require them, so he change the username and when he must to use TAB or mouse to change the pointer of mouse for change pass too, he pressed ENTER and then he tried to enter into this game with his user and my pass, this ridiculous error was taken to this admin for ban me. I tried to speak and explain what happends and why i had banned, nobody told me something, but i investigated and found that the reason is this ridiculous one error log-in. Then i started a campaign with my Federation and more than 150 users support me and my friends. After 2 days i received reasons, explanations and one oportunity to explain me, after my explanation and his investigations, they decided give back both teams.

This new situation got angry myself to much (give back for we had made disturb and have many users behind me), i hate injustices and i hate diferent levels of justice depends who is the accused.

I was all day very angry and my wife told me, leave complaining and do something, why you don’t think in positive and create your own Game with your Rules and without injustices. Since this day make this kind of game has been my obsession and my dream.

And this day together (i’m developer and she’s designer) decided that we want to make one game without injustices with more people enjoy there, with a big comunity with armony, funny game, enjoyable and where a place to everybody have good time here. Yes you can think that we are an utopian people, but we think that if nobody try to fix the problems and created something better the best way is seat down, quit and shut up at the end of the class. Sorry we can’t shut up when we’ve seen a big injustice in our face.

We are only a game that it wants to be a good game, not the best or the biggest, because more people will think this is the best or the worst, but we can allways tell with proud we try to make better than yesterday and make it all we can and we know.

P.D. Is very important to comment that this article wasn't written against other game or admins (there are many good games and good admins on internet), this is only a related of my personal story, and after happended it this game started. But we are humans not robots and for that is probably we make wrong things but we try to make less as possible.

Pedro  ↔  34 Comments 

#1: 06-04-2009
 Testing comment, how are you?

#2: 06-04-2009
 Nice story!!! Very nice english!!! <---- only one of the afirmations is a joke. Who know wich one?

Congratulations Peter... nice blog starting. But we need a link with spanish version soon ;)

#3: 06-04-2009
 Like I said in forum, god bless that GM : p (kidding) great work Pedro and Livia, keep on!

#5: 06-04-2009
 Good work Pedro and the rest of the team.Keep up the good work and make us enjoy the game more and more!

#9: 06-04-2009
 A fantastic idea, Pedro crack!

#12: 07-04-2009
 @All, thanks to all my friends in soon more entries. So sorry for my english, i've made this blog by improving my english.
@Mazznoff, you can translate it for your comunity and open topic to debate and talk about it.

#15: 09-04-2009
 Peter going well!! even remember everything that happened, I let that game.

#16: 10-04-2009
 Big Pedro!!!

#18: 10-04-2009
 For well knowing the process of the game you pointed out, I guess, I can't totally agree with you.
Anyway, I don't believe on a pleasant game without injustices for a simple reason, you will have too much cheaters if you don't make some errors time to time.

#19: 10-04-2009
 @Yoda, i try to make minimum errors, but i'm not a robot or perfect person.
For that in this game exist diferent levels of punishment and is easier fix possible errors or mistakes.

#22: 10-04-2009
 @Yoda, I've not attack to all people ADMIN in all games, only i've told my experience with one ADMIN in one game who made with me an injustice.

@Fenomenal, yes, we (and me) should do that.

#23: 10-04-2009
 Pedro, I read your story and wanted to say that I respect you and your work, I could say that I'm envious 'couse you have such a big talent in making this game, I wish I knew how to make an extraordinary game such as Profurgol too. congrats for this game and I wish you to have a big success!!
Happy with it!! Awesome!!

#24: 10-04-2009
 Go Pedro!!
Thanks for PRO!!

#25: 11-04-2009
 thank you for your wife xD

sorry my english is veryyyy baD!

#26: 11-04-2009
 congrats, this manager is one of the best that i play, is very complete

PD: sorry 4 my bad english xD

#27: 11-04-2009
 Please only in english ...

i want Crack!

#28: 11-04-2009
 Cool history, Pedro... Thanks by the game. You're crack!

#29: 11-04-2009
 Only one thing to point "had not done anything worng, " wrong is mispelled.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

#30: 11-04-2009
 Thanks a lot for that "wonderful" Admin who made possible this game... :-)

Long life for PRO!!!

#31: 13-04-2009
 good idea Peter
I like very much this game

#33: 16-04-2009
 Mi english is not so good, sorry.
This story is sounds me, i don't know why ;). Inside bad side, we can see the good side, you have made works your brain to try doesn't happend again, at least in your game. Good luck!

#34: 02-06-2009
 Nice history Pedro, im new in this game, im still playing the other game XD but it will be nice to see this one grow.. ill be supporting =0)

#35: 22-06-2009
 Pedro you're a monster, a good monster. If you were a woman, I would marry with you - lol

#36: 01-09-2009
 Like someone says, Thanks For Pedro°s Wife!!!

Nice comment ;)

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