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09-02-2010 13:19 - ProFurgol V3.0 is working

Hi ProFurgolers,

V3.0 has given to ProFurgol.com an original stamp in our world where everything is invented, because of that we are very happy and proud of. We are the first football manager that has a motor engine based on 7-a side football. But we're not going to stop, we want to have an original stamp, something would give us the oportunity to be originals and improve the game climbing a big step. Our youth players aren't only in ours youth teams but they are over the field proving their value to everyone, this is a big step of PRO but still bigger for everymanager, because now we have not only the control of one team but two diferent teams. All of you can be sure that we'll cotinue working and improving that we recognize this is the begining... We'll never stop, the imagine is out limit.

We wanted to tell more deeply things of ProFurgol V3.0, it's working so good and your answer has been terrific. Before to give you some data we wanted to tell how new version is helping us to improve and fix internal things of the game. It is giving us a lot of options to do small retouchs and do the damages as small as possible. We are working in the shadow to develop some novelties that they will be ready for the next season, growing up our ME and other things also.

The new defensive focus tactics on youth matches are working very good and we believe that they are a good improve for ME, giving us more options when we are doing our line-ups with more powers for the manager to make decisions and decide about everything of his team. For us is very important that everymanager has more and more options to customize and decide his own way to get success. This second ME is giving to us more time and space to receive logs and procces them to fix small problems.

I think that it would be very interesting share some data about ProFurgol V3.0

• Arround 750 youth matches are played everyweek.
• Hundreds of beat matches everyweek.
• More than 4.000 testers players trying to give advice to our youth players.
• More than 1.500 teams have 1 tester player as minimum in their youth teams.
• Thousands of form variations.
• Thousands of experience variations.
• The formation most used is: 3-2-1
• The defensive focus tactic most used is: Both sides

P.D. I promise you to publish more post as often as possible, sorry!

Pedro  ↔  15 Comments 

#1: 10-02-2010
 Magnificent...as always

#2: 11-02-2010
 I like hearing from you pedro.Please do update regularly. :)

#3: 11-02-2010
 7 vs 7 sucks, my wingers in youth school want real side tactics

#4: 11-02-2010
 This game is better each day. Long life to PRO!!!! :-)

#5: 11-02-2010
 @Domi91, you're in right, I promised for everyone, I'll do more often than now!

@alt4712, I think that you'll love some novelties of the next season.

#6: 12-02-2010
 I like when you are talking about novelties, V3 is good, i really want to see V4... Come on PRO, on top of the experience managing a team. Thank you Pedro for all.

#7: 12-02-2010
 I like more lineup options, could you also work on match orders form a little? If one changes lineup from game to game it takes really a lot of time

#8: 12-02-2010
 It's great to get new features but normal users should take into account that pedro is also spending a lot of time in developing new tools for us, the admins. ;)

#9: 16-02-2010
 You think that would be beneficial to increase the number of players in youth school from next season to make a full alignment of youth players? (sorry if my inglish is not the best...)

#10: 19-02-2010
 ''We'll never stop, the imagine is out limit.''

PRO 4 life !

#11: 22-02-2010
 Nice blog :)

I'd like to be keep informed about all this of Pro! D

#12: 22-02-2010
Good job.

#13: 08-03-2010

#14: 03-05-2010
 Please only in english ...nice job!!!

#15: 11-06-2010
 Congratulation to all that you have helped to do the best game that exists. Entertaining and healthy 100 %.

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