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Meridiana f.c. 3 - 7 MIKI FC 1969

Local team Global statistics Away team
3-5-2 Formation 2-5-3
0 Fouls 0
0 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
20.45% First Half Possession 79.55%
19.56% Second Half Possession 80.44%

The stadium Meridiana f.c. Stadium has a new record attendance today, with 45.679 spectators anticipating the start of the match.
The teams have already been confirmed. The home team will play 3-5-2, with Ilmārs Višņakovs - Timoteo Zabaleta, Maurice Rigouts, Sansón Zumel - Gudmund Andresen, Daryna Levin, Gredorio Sierra, Roope Scheweleff, Victor Pintjens - Anderson Calvano, Lulu Tararache.
While, the away team will play 2-5-3, with: Óscar Javier Buelvas - Brais Ruales, Samuel Linßen - Olivier Van Der Heyden, Juha Kautonen, Anacleto Vener, Herbert Nitsch, Carmelo Lamadrid - Pierre-Albert Blumer, Vincenzo Zambon, Davor Brozović. Everyone is ready so lets get this game underway.

Tonight's match official is Adamo Cazzato, born in Italia and he belongs to the Puglia association. He has a reputation for letting the game flow, but has been criticized for being too lenient sometimes and there is a chance players will try to get away with a few cheeky fouls.

Min.3, Juha Kautonen can't get away from Maurice Rigouts and loses the ball before he has the chance to send a cross in. Min.20, Goooaaaaaaal !!!, Carmelo Lamadrid did some good driblings from the center of the field going very close oponent goalkeeper but when everything seemed that the player was going to kick did a very good pass to Vincenzo Zambon, who only has to drive the ball into goal, who did the pass told with his mind 'Score you, because for me would be easier'. The scores now stand at 0-1. The attendance spectators were disappointed, they couldn’t believe how Vincenzo Zambon scored first for the away team and how things became difficult. Min.29, Goal !!!, Anacleto Vener makes a series of dummy's and turns giving him the space to pass the ball to Davor Brozović who is open. He connects with a beautiful first touch, hitting an unstoppable shot straight towards the goal. The score now stands at 0-2. Yes!, the second goal of the team went in! This goal will give them more self-confidence and faith in the match. Min.36, 'deviated kick of Pierre-Albert Blumer, in a play which started by a great cross from the right side of Olivier Van Der Heyden and a wonderful head pass of Herbert Nitsch right in front of an open goal. He failed ,miserably.'My blind 74-year old grandma would've even scored that'. Min.39, Gooooool !!! for Meridiana f.c.. Crossing pass from the left flank by Anderson Calvano and Lulu Tararache places it beautifully past the keeper, 1-2. Min.42, miss for MIKI FC 1969. Cross by Juha Kautonen from the left wing towards Vincenzo Zambon , who gets his head on it, but there's no real power on it and Ilmārs Višņakovs has no trouble catching that. Min.43, Gooooool !!!, Anacleto Vener sent a long ball towards Pierre-Albert Blumer whose first touch takes him away from the defender and a beautiful finish past Ilmārs Višņakovs completes that basic route one move. So simple, yet so effective! The scoreboard is now 1-3. The fans can't believe this result. Several fans were waving the symbolic white tissues... The manager should watch his head seriously. Unfortunately for them it's not the only problem... several fans are already leaving the stadium and the match isn't over yet!

Min.45, half time here, with the score at 1-3, as they say, it's not over til the fat lady sings, so lets see what the second half brings us. The away team had 80 %. possession of the ball.

Min 46, home team are attacking via the by the left touchline and protecting their goal via the without special attention in any area. The away team is focusing its attacks on the without special attention in any area and its defense without special attention in any area. Min.46, Gooooool !!! scored by Vincenzo Zambon. Ilmārs Višņakovs couldnt do anything about that one, 1-4. Min.50, Gooooooal !!! for MIKI FC 1969, great goal from Pierre-Albert Blumer. Great shot by Pierre-Albert Blumer, scored a really good goal from outside the box into Ilmārs Višņakovs's net. Now the scoreboard is 1-5. Min.56, huge play of Olivier Van Der Heyden from the right side which finishes with a 'death' back pass, but Maurice Rigouts very watchful cuts down the pass in the small area when it looked like it would be a shouted goal. Incredible play of Olivier Van Der Heyden, who did all well but his pass didn't find a striker. Min.59, Anacleto Vener threads a through ball to Juha Kautonen who times his run poorly and has to wait for the ball on the left hand side. Once it got to him, he immediately passed the ball to Vincenzo Zambon who hit it instantaneously towards Ilmārs Višņakovs' goal, but it never stopped rising. Goal kick. Min.67, Gooooool !!!, great cross by Daryna Levin that goes right onto the head of Lulu Tararache who directs it past Óscar Javier Buelvas. Great goal to make it 2-5. Min.80,'the defence of Meridiana f.c. has cut the long ball towards the right touchline of MIKI FC 1969, Carmelo Lamadrid fought like a young wild boar but he could not leave with the ball.' Thanks for that Manuel. Min.81, Goooaaaaal !!!, After a cross into the area, the defence managed to half clear the ball, but it went straight to Olivier Van Der Heyden just outside the box, and with his favoured foot shot the ball towards the right side of the goal, where it just beat the despairing dive of the keeper to go in and make the score 2-6. Min.85, Goool !!! for Meridiana f.c., scored by Daryna Levin, not sure he meant it though, i'm sure that was supposed to be a cross, but they all count, 3-6. Min.87, Gooooool !!!, Maurice Rigouts made a Titus Bramble-esque error there, allowing Davor Brozović to take the ball off him just outside the box, he then buried the ball past Ilmārs Višņakovs, who lets the defender know exactly what he thinks of him. The score is now 3-7.

Min.90, and that's the end of the game here, the teams make their way off the field to the applause of the crowds. The game finished 3-7. The away team had 80 %. possession of the ball.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchLeague
· Rules League
· Date of the match04/04/2020
· Time of the match17:00
· Stats
· ID of the match3041804 Add to Favorites
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Stadium info
· Stadium Meridiana f.c....
· Amount of attendance45.679
· Ends22.000
· Sides19.679
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
20' Vincenzo Zambon 0-1
29' Davor Brozović 0-2
39' Lulu Tararache 1-2
43' Pierre-Albert Blumer 1-3
46' Vincenzo Zambon 1-4
50' Pierre-Albert Blumer 1-5
67' Lulu Tararache 2-5
81' Olivier Van Der Heyden 2-6
85' Daryna Levin 3-6
87' Davor Brozović 3-7
· Without fouls
· Without warnings

Team marks
Meridiana f.c.
Focus AttacksLeft touchline
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldHigh excellent
Right backGood
Central defenseExpert
Left backLow expert
Right Attack Passable
Central Attack Low expert
Left Attack Low excellent
ExperienceLow excellent
MIKI FC 1969
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldLow Furgolero
Right backLow good
Central defenseOutstanding
Left backLow good
Right Attack Low good
Central Attack High supernatural
Left Attack Low good
ExperienceHigh Furgolero 2
Individual marks
Meridiana f.c. 86.00
MIKI FC 1969 109.00

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