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tinu2000 2 - 6 FC TAG

Local team Global statistics Away team
3-4-3 Formation 5-4-1
0 Fouls 0
1 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
67.60% First Half Possession 32.40%
65.70% Second Half Possession 34.30%

58.000 spectators clap the teams out, with the home teams anthem clearly audible.
This game is about to get under way, so lets give you the team news, the home team have opted for a 3-4-3 formation with Jerry McAlister - Ciprian Stoica, Donato Narbona, Richarlyson Nascimento - Osvaldo Guimarães, Ariel Vinegra, Eulalio Velaostegui, Jørgen Perez - Costin Dăscălescu, Steven Ince, Valeriu Giugiuc.
The away side are going to play 5-4-1 using Frank Byskou - Víctor Carnevali, Marian Fürst, Máximo Varela, Eduard Tofan, Petrică Şneapotă - José de Jesús Razo, Oscar Montoya, Ferapont Malakhov, Calixto Gayón - Xan Zubiaga. The players are positioned on the field waiting for the whistle that will kick off proceedings.

Today's ref is Marcel Emerich Jenei, who was born in România and belongs to the association of Harghita. He is known to be firm but fair, and he will take no nonsense from the players or managers. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few cards given out in today's match.

Min.6, Costin Dăscălescu left the defense behind. The moment Valeriu Giugiuc ran straight towards the keeper he should have known that a pass-like ball would be sufficient to hit the net yet he attempts a shot and the as expected the ball flew high and wide right into the stands. Frank Byskou was blatantly laughing after that horrible attempt quite honestly we can only agree. Min.10, Goal !!!, The ball is played down the left touchline to José de Jesús Razo. There's nothing open on the left so he dribbles towards the centre. He's taking it to the edge of the area looking for the shot... he hits the ball full blast into the back of the net! SUPERB GOAL. The score now stands at 0-1. The attendance spectators were disappointed, they couldn’t believe how José de Jesús Razo scored first for the away team and how things became difficult. Min.16, Gooooool !!! scored by Costin Dăscălescu. Frank Byskou couldnt do anything about that one, 1-1. This match has not a winner yet and everything can stll happen Min.23, Ariel Vinegra has headed over from 4 yards out, after a pin point cross from Costin Dăscălescu. Wasted opportunity. Min.32, Gooooool !!! for FC TAG. Coming in from the left wing, that cross by José de Jesús Razo found the head of Xan Zubiaga and he directed it in. Making the score 1-2. The stadium started to be very agitated because of the referee's decisions. The goal of the opponent didn't make things better... Min.34, Gooooool !!!, Máximo Varela made a Titus Bramble-esque error there, allowing Costin Dăscălescu to take the ball off him just outside the box, he then buried the ball past Frank Byskou, who lets the defender know exactly what he thinks of him. The score is now 2-2. The supporters went totally crazy after the equalizer. A lot of supporters have revived their hopes but they aren't thinking about a victory yet. This affects the players. Min.38, tinu2000 nearly scored. Valeriu Giugiuc ran onto a great ball from Ariel Vinegra, which beat the offside trap, the keeper came rushing out and the lob was attempted, but the lob didnt succeed.

Min.45,it's the end of the first half. The teams make their way to dressing rooms. The scoreboard of this 45 minutes is 2-2. The home team had 68 %. possession of the ball.

Min 46, from the journalist tower we can see that the home side are attacking via without special attention in any area and focusing its defense without special attention in any area. The away team is trying to attack by the left touchline and focusing its defense without special attention in any area. Min.53, great run down the left wing by Osvaldo Guimarães who spots Eduard Tofan in acres of space and tries to pick him out, but that was just naff. Min.62, Steven Ince cannot free himself from Víctor Carnevali and loses the ball before he has the chance to send a cross in. Máximo Varela takes advantage of the situation to start a counter attack down the touchline. This could end up in a good scoring opportunity... Min.63, Jerry McAlister has to the corner to challenge Xan Zubiaga for the ball but erm, he failed. Fortunately for him, Ciprian Stoica of tinu2000 has got across to cover him and plays it safe and gives away the corner. Min.65, Gooooool !!! for FC TAG. Crossing pass from the left flank by José de Jesús Razo and Xan Zubiaga places it beautifully past the keeper, 2-3. The stadium fell silent with the marvellous Xan Zubiaga goal. Lots of supporters are complaining about an inexistent foult in the beginning of the move and the referee is now the focus of all local supporters' critics Min.71, Ferapont Malakhov sent a long ball towards Xan Zubiaga however Jerry McAlister decides to come from his area and calmly hoof it back up the field. Min.75, Donato Narbona made a good run through the middle of the field which took him into the opposition half with plwnty of options, however he pondered on it for too long and Calixto Gayón stole the ball off him and played the ball out to start what could be a dangerous counter attack. Min.76, Gooooool !!!, the counterattack was lead by Xan Zubiaga who left all the defenders in his wake. Facing the goal keeper, his shot was well placed and the ball found the back of the net. The scoreboard is now 2-4. Min.79, Costin Dăscălescu is unable to get past Marian Fürst who steals the ball with a great challenge.Costin Dăscălescu must have been watching too much boring football lately, he's complaining to the ref about a perfectly legal tackle. The ref is taking no bull today and Costin Dăscălescu is booked for complaining. Min.83, Osvaldo Guimarães makes the cross from the left hand side of the area, but fails to connect with his team mates. The ball is cleared off the boot of the defender, Petrică Şneapotă. Min.84, Goal!, the counterattack was started by Ferapont Malakhov strolled into the opposition half with the defence deciding to get their shape together instead of closing him down, what a mistake that was. A beautifully placed ball put Xan Zubiaga into a great position to score, and he did, with a clinical finish inside the far post. The scoreboard changes to 2-5. Min.88, Gooooool !!!, great cross by José de Jesús Razo that goes right onto the head of Xan Zubiaga who directs it past Jerry McAlister. Great goal to make it 2-6.

Min.90, and that's the end of the game here, the teams make their way off the field to the applause of the crowds. The game finished 2-6. The home team had 66 %. possession of the ball.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchLeague
· Rules League
· Date of the match24/10/2020
· Time of the match11:00
· Stats
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Stadium info
· Stadium tinu2000 Memorial
· Amount of attendance58.000
· Ends22.000
· Sides32.000
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
10' José de Jesús Razo 0-1
16' Costin Dăscălescu 1-1
32' Xan Zubiaga 1-2
34' Costin Dăscălescu 2-2
65' Xan Zubiaga 2-3
76' Xan Zubiaga 2-4
84' Xan Zubiaga 2-5
88' Xan Zubiaga 2-6
· Without fouls
79' Costin Dăscălescu

Team marks
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldHigh sublime
Right backHigh beginner
Central defenseHigh good
Left backHigh beginner
Right Attack High beginner
Central Attack High glorious
Left Attack Good
ExperienceLow supernatural
Focus AttacksLeft touchline
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldLow glorious
Right backHigh excellent
Central defenseHigh glorious
Left backLow expert
Right Attack Low beginner
Central Attack High passable
Left Attack Low expert
ExperienceLow excellent
Individual marks
tinu2000 84.00
FC TAG 91.50

 Teams: 16.464 · Online: 3
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