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Racing Oriental 1 - 0 AS Fès-Dar-Dbibegh

Local team Global statistics Away team
4-4-2 Formation 4-4-2
0 Fouls 2
0 Yellow 1
0 Red 0
56.66% First Half Possession 43.34%
56.66% Second Half Possession 43.34%

Today we are prepared to witness the match between Racing Oriental y AS Fès-Dar-Dbibegh with 15.000 spectators who have come today to the Racing Oriental Stadium and are in their seats awaiting the kick off..
The local team is using a strategy of 4-4-2, and line-up with: Korichi Henni - Lahouari Al Sayed, Chaoui Al Abdullah, Noureddine Merouane, Ibrahim Gaafar - Merabet El-Abdy, Guerrah Lemmouchia, Djaref Defnoun, Khaled Al Shahrani - Azzedine Brahim, Amar El-Safti.
The visiting team uses a strategy of 4-4-2, and put out a team of: Saheb Ahmed - Djaref Abdelkader, Yassine Moath Al Hawsawi, Besheer Sofiane, Noureddine Sedik - Amir Dembri, Amar Al-Jamaan Al Dosari, Bachir Merouane, El Yacine Hazzazi - Shady Fouhami, Wisam Yekhlef.

The referee in charge of tonight's game is Redha Magdy, who was born in Al-Maghrib and belongs to the college of Grand Casablanca. He is a referee in the style of Pierluigi Collina, who does not tolerate foul play, and will not allow player's disputing his decisions or throwing their toys out of the pram!

Min.10, It's clear to see that Merabet El-Abdy is in pain. He is looking towards the bench and it looks like his injury is serious, as a neutral spectator it's always sad to see someone with a serious injury, but then again, rather him than me. Min.11, Merabet El-Abdy is up and running again after a bit of help from the magic sponge. No sub needed here. Min.13, shot by Besheer Sofiane that beat Korichi Henni who was unsighted with the melee of players in front of him, fortunately the post has saved him on this occasion. Min.16, Gooooool !!! of Racing Oriental, inside pass by Khaled Al Shahrani into the path of Amar El-Safti, who strikes it as sweetly beyond the outstretched arms of Saheb Ahmed. Now the scoreboard is 1-0. Nearly the whole stadium shouted GOOOAAALLLL, all the supporters clapped and shouted the name of Amar El-Safti who did something difficult: scoring the first goal. Min.29, Guerrah Lemmouchia crosses for Azzedine Brahim, his marker Noureddine Sedik trips over and after some grappling, both players end up in a mess on the floor, they want a penalty but they're not getting it. Min.32, Merabet El-Abdy has headed over from 4 yards out, after a pin point cross from Azzedine Brahim. Wasted opportunity. Min.35 That was a wasted chance by Wisam Yekhlef... 1-on-1 with Korichi Henni and 5 yards from goal, and he's put it right into the stands where the Racing Oriental fans are sitting... you can hear the donkey brays ringing from around the stadium! Min.40, great run down the left wing by Amar Al-Jamaan Al Dosari who spots Ibrahim Gaafar in acres of space and tries to pick him out, but that was just naff. Min.43, huge play of Merabet El-Abdy from the right side which finishes with a 'death' back pass, but Besheer Sofiane very watchful cuts down the pass in the small area when it looked like it would be a shouted goal. Incredible play of Merabet El-Abdy, who did all well but his pass didn't find a striker.

Min.45,it's the end of the first half. The teams make their way to dressing rooms. The scoreboard of this 45 minutes is 1-0. The home team had 57 %. possession of the ball.

Min.50,' AS Fès-Dar-Dbibegh pardom it. Shady Fouhami hunt a clearance of Korichi Henni but he sent it outside.' Did he really Manuel? Thanks. Min.56, Amir Dembri makes a good run in from the right touchline, before going 1-on-1 with Noureddine Merouane, who eventually wins the ball and clears it away. Min.57, miss for Racing Oriental. Cross by Guerrah Lemmouchia from the left wing towards Azzedine Brahim , who gets his head on it, but there's no real power on it and Saheb Ahmed has no trouble catching that. Min.66, Ibrahim Gaafar got on the on the end of that poor clearance by the defence and calmly chested the ball down and struck a beautiful half volley towards the goal. It looked as if the keeper tipped that over, but the ref's given a goal kick. Great effort! Min.69, slightly mistimed tackle by Noureddine Sedik there, which sent Amar El-Safti sprawling. Free-kick. Min.70, Racing Oriental came very close to scoring. It was a dipping freekickby Azzedine Brahim but it didnt quite do enough and hit the bar after beating Saheb Ahmed and his despairing dive. Min.74, Besheer Sofiane put a cross in towards Amar Al-Jamaan Al Dosari at the front post, but Korichi Henni came and made a superb punch out in a difficult position. Min.77, Khaled Al Shahrani drove the ball without problems in the midfield but upon arriving at his intended destination, his brakes failed and he suffered a nasty crash with the pain train, otherwise known as, Besheer Sofiane and the referee gave the foul. Besheer Sofiane has been giving his marching orders, his manager will not be happy. Min.78, Azzedine Brahim spannered that completely, much to the amusement of the opposition fans. Min.82, how rubbish of Amar El-Safti. Djaref Defnoun put the ball on a plate for him and instead of hitting it with his right foot it cannoned of his left shin wide of the goal. Hmmm, why is he playing in this team?

Min.90, The whistle has been blown, ending the game at 1-0. The home team had 57 %. possession of the ball.

The final score of this cup final between Racing Oriental - AS Fès-Dar-Dbibegh is 1-0, congratulations to Racing Oriental, who pass to the next round of his country Cup.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchCup
· Rules Knockout
· Date of the match04/10/2023
· Time of the match11:15
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Stadium info
· Stadium Racing Oriental...
· Amount of attendance15.000
· Ends11.000
· Sides0
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
16' Amar El-Safti 1-0
69' Noureddine Sedik 1
77' Besheer Sofiane 1
77' Besheer Sofiane

Team marks
Racing Oriental
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
Right backLow good
Central defenseLow good
Left backLow good
Right Attack Passable
Central Attack Good
Left Attack Low passable
ExperienceHigh Furgolero
AS Fès-Dar-Dbibegh
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldHigh passable
Right backLow outstanding
Central defenseGood
Left backLow outstanding
Right Attack Low passable
Central Attack Low good
Left Attack Low passable
ExperienceHigh Furgolero
Individual marks
Racing Oriental 45.50
AS Fès-Dar-Dbibegh 47.50

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