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Wydad Azilal 1 - 0 KAC Béni Mellal

Local team Global statistics Away team
4-4-2 Formation 4-4-2
0 Fouls 0
1 Yellow 0
0 Red 0
50.37% First Half Possession 49.63%
50.37% Second Half Possession 49.63%

15.000 spectators are about to see an exciting Derby in the region of Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra. The Wydad Azilal y KAC Béni Mellal players run onto the pitch enthusiastically. Wydad Azilal will make a 4-4-2 with Mabrouk Saad - Saad Derradj, Abdullah Remch, Osama Abdelkader, Tamer Riad - Saleh Magdy, Samir Noor, Abdelouahed Sylla, Griche Hassan - Tayeb Aburobe, Ghouti El-Toumy and KAC Béni Mellal will make a 4-4-2 with Abdelali Noor - Khaled Shawky, Nourredine DaoudiMankan, Islam El Amrani, Taiseer AbdulHamid - Mishaal Meguehout, Adel Mana, Hassan Abdelghani, Mohamed Aidouni - Fouzi Farouk, Korichi Ziaya.

Yassine Zenga will be the referee of today's match, he is born in Al-Maghrib and a member of the Chaouia-Ouardigha association. To be honest, this guy is a bot of a soft touch, and some players will be looking to get away with a bit of funny business tonight. Let's hope no one gets hurt, unlike the last time he whistled a match.

Min.2, Hassan Abdelghani sent a long ball towards Korichi Ziaya however Mabrouk Saad decides to come from his area and calmly hoof it back up the field. Min.10, Saleh Magdy has a pop, but Abdelali Noor takes that one with ease. Min.15, Mishaal Meguehout is unable to get past Abdullah Remch who steals the ball with a great challenge.Mishaal Meguehout must have been watching too much boring football lately, he's complaining to the ref about a perfectly legal tackle. Min.16, Goal !!!, Abdelouahed Sylla makes a series of dummy's and turns giving him the space to pass the ball to Tayeb Aburobe who is open. He connects with a beautiful first touch, hitting an unstoppable shot straight towards the goal. The score now stands at 1-0. The supporters are now behaving like complete hooligans after the first goal. Min.21, Hassan Abdelghani threads a through ball to Adel Mana who times his run poorly and has to wait for the ball on the left hand side. Once it got to him, he immediately passed the ball to Korichi Ziaya who hit it instantaneously towards Mabrouk Saad' goal, but it never stopped rising. Goal kick. Min.26, Mohamed Aidouni spots Korichi Ziaya breaking free from his marker, but his attempted pass into the space in front is easily intercepted by the defence. Min.33, what an incredible piece of skill by Samir Noor, he cut in from the left and ghosted past one defender before playing a square ball across to Abdelouahed Sylla, who aimed to score, but didnt. Min.37, high kick of Wydad Azilal after a wonderful forward pass through the defense by Griche Hassan to Ghouti El-Toumy couldn't finish off that great move by Wydad Azilal. Ghouti El-Toumy protested about the shirt pulling he was the victim of.

Min.45, the refs blown up for half time before the allocated injury time has been played and now he's sprinting off down the tunnel, guess he's been caught short. The current score is 1-0. Both teams had an equal ball possession.

Min.52, Griche Hassan sends a lovely pass to the feet of Tayeb Aburobe who races through the defence going 1-on-1 with the keeper.... beautiful goal! The referee's disallowed it; the linesman's flag was up. I don't think he got that one right, and the players agree. Tayeb Aburobe has lost his temper and wants to go have words with the assistant. He's having to be restrained by his team mates. You can understand his frustration. Min.57, huge play of Mishaal Meguehout from the right side which finishes with a 'death' back pass, but Osama Abdelkader very watchful cuts down the pass in the small area when it looked like it would be a shouted goal. Incredible play of Mishaal Meguehout, who did all well but his pass didn't find a striker. Min.65, what an incredible piece of skill by Samir Noor, he cut in from the left and ghosted past one defender before playing a square ball across to Abdelouahed Sylla, who aimed to score, but didnt. Min.70, Adel Mana is desperate for movement from his colleagues, but none comes so he shot towards the goal from outside the area. Easily gathered by Mabrouk Saad. Min.82, Korichi Ziaya of KAC Béni Mellal shoots but hits the bar. He's got a crack at the rebound all alone in front of Mabrouk Saad... how did he miss that?! Unbelievable. Min.87, Saleh Magdy sees space on the byline and he runs into it and crosses towards the head of Tayeb Aburobe. However, Islam El Amrani decided he fancied doing his job and cleared it with an assured header. Tayeb Aburobe, is holding his side on the ground and complaining bitterly about Islam El Amrani's elbow to his ribs at the same time, what a talent he has there...get up you nancy. The ref is taking no bull today and Tayeb Aburobe is booked for complaining.

Min.90, and that's the end of the game here, the teams make their way off the field to the applause of the crowds. The game finished 1-0. The home team had 50 %. possession of the ball.

The final score of this cup final between Wydad Azilal - KAC Béni Mellal is 1-0, congratulations to Wydad Azilal, who pass to the next round of his country Cup.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchCup
· Rules Knockout
· Date of the match04/10/2023
· Time of the match11:15
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· ID of the match3462279 Add to Favorites
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Stadium info
· Stadium Wydad Azilal...
· Amount of attendance15.000
· Ends11.000
· Sides0
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
16' Tayeb Aburobe 1-0
· Without fouls
87' Tayeb Aburobe

Team marks
Wydad Azilal
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldLow good
Right backHigh good
Central defenseLow good
Left backHigh good
Right Attack Low passable
Central Attack Low good
Left Attack Low passable
ExperienceHigh Furgolero
KAC Béni Mellal
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldLow good
Right backGood
Central defenseGood
Left backHigh good
Right Attack Passable
Central Attack Low good
Left Attack Low passable
ExperienceHigh Furgolero
Individual marks
Wydad Azilal 48.00
KAC Béni Mellal 47.50

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