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Centro Sportivo Paulinia 1 - 0 Clube Atlético Alagoas

Local team Global statistics Away team
4-4-2 Formation 4-4-2
1 Fouls 1
0 Yellow 1
0 Red 0
54.29% First Half Possession 45.71%
54.29% Second Half Possession 45.71%

Away team, havent got a player Winger , Adriano Kurányi has gone out to fill the gap left.
The stadium Centro Sportivo Paul Stadium has a new record attendance today, with 12.537 spectators anticipating the start of the match.
The teams have already been confirmed. The home team will play 4-4-2, with Aguinaldo Djalminha - Dermival Vieira, Marcos Antonio Eller, Hugo Bahia, Francisco Amarildo - Donato Borges, Helbert Alves, Nílson Eller, Frederico Beraldo - Cássio Blumer, Jorge Andrade.
While, the away team will play 4-4-2, with: Deraldo da Silva - Bruno Morais, Alexandre Rochemback, Heurelho Soares, Vágner Soares - Lucas Carioca, Adriano Kurányi, Daniel Arruda, Irênio Reginato - Agostinho Moreira, Dudu Calheira. Everyone is ready so lets get this game underway.

Igor de Oliveira, one of the legends in the world of international refs, takes control of today's match. Hopefully the Brasil born P.E. teacher, who belongs to the Ceará association, will be able to compensate for the linesmen, who have been described in the local press as "complete muppets".

Min.2, great run down the left wing by Adriano Kurányi who spots Hugo Bahia in acres of space and tries to pick him out, but that was just naff. Min.4, Irênio Reginato is desperate for movement from his colleagues, but none comes so he shot towards the goal from outside the area. Easily gathered by Aguinaldo Djalminha. Min.12, Possession is all very well but you have to make it count, and Helbert Alves needs to make the pass. Now he plays the ball into the midfield, but the pass is too soft and poorly aimed. The rival defence intercept the ball without any problems. Poor; very poor. Min.19, Irênio Reginato spots Agostinho Moreira breaking free from his marker, but his attempted pass into the space in front is easily intercepted by the defence. Min.24, Frederico Beraldo sent a probing ball towards Jorge Andrade, who dribbled by his defender but Deraldo da Silva was having none of it and cheekily tripped him up, a few unpleasantry's followed but the defender was too busy rofling to care. Anyway the ref has given the penalty. Yellow card for Deraldo da Silva, he knew what he was doing there and it worked. He doesn't mind taking one for the team. Min.25, Gooooool !!! for Centro Sportivo Paulinia, Cássio Blumer curled his shot perfectly to beat Deraldo da Silva, who dived the right way. The score is now 1-0. The stadium can't stop clapping and cheering Cássio Blumer due to the fantastic goal that opens the scoreboard Min.25, Frederico Beraldo sent a long ball towards Jorge Andrade however Deraldo da Silva decides to come from his area and calmly hoof it back up the field. Min.29, Cássio Blumer has headed over from 4 yards out, after a pin point cross from Donato Borges. Wasted opportunity. Min.31, 'deviated kick of Agostinho Moreira, in a play which started by a great cross from the right side of Lucas Carioca and a wonderful head pass of Daniel Arruda right in front of an open goal. He failed ,miserably.'My blind 74-year old grandma would've even scored that'. Min.42, what an incredible piece of skill by Helbert Alves, he cut in from the left and ghosted past one defender before playing a square ball across to Frederico Beraldo, who aimed to score, but didnt.

Min.45, half time here, with the score at 1-0, as they say, it's not over til the fat lady sings, so lets see what the second half brings us. The home team had 54 %. possession of the ball.

Min.49, Jorge Andrade got on the on the end of that poor clearance by the defence and calmly chested the ball down and struck a beautiful half volley towards the goal. It looked as if the keeper tipped that over, but the ref's given a goal kick. Great effort! Min.51, two errors made by Marcos Antonio Eller, they almost cost a goal to Centro Sportivo Paulinia. The first error ended up in a fall of Adriano Kurányi inside the penalty area, although it seems that Francisco Amarildo does not touch him. Then, his cross pass to another defender was intercepted by Agostinho Moreira, who failed in the hand to hand with Aguinaldo Djalminha. Min.56, Donato Borges sees space on the byline and he runs into it and crosses towards the head of Cássio Blumer. However, Heurelho Soares decided he fancied doing his job and cleared it with an assured header. Cássio Blumer, is holding his side on the ground and complaining bitterly about Heurelho Soares's elbow to his ribs at the same time, what a talent he has there...get up you nancy. Min.57, how rubbish of Jorge Andrade. Frederico Beraldo put the ball on a plate for him and instead of hitting it with his right foot it cannoned of his left shin wide of the goal. Hmmm, why is he playing in this team? Min.60, Daniel Arruda plays a good ball to the feet of Agostinho Moreira, who tunrs and shoots quickly, but it deflects off Francisco Amarildo and goes off for a corner. Min.61, Hugo Bahia comes to the rescue to prevent Clube Atlético Alagoas from scoring, clearing that one off the line after a great corner by Agostinho Moreira. Min.71, slightly mistimed tackle by Francisco Amarildo there, which sent Dudu Calheira sprawling. Free-kick. Min.72, Agostinho Moreira spannered that completely, much to the amusement of the opposition fans. Min.86, It's clear to see that Dermival Vieira is in pain. He is looking towards the bench and it looks like his injury is serious, as a neutral spectator it's always sad to see someone with a serious injury, but then again, rather him than me. Min.87 Dermival Vieira has gone down injured, but it looks like he will run it off.

Min.90, The whistle has been blown, ending the game at 1-0. The home team had 54 %. possession of the ball.

The final score of this cup final between Centro Sportivo Paulinia - Clube Atlético Alagoas is 1-0, congratulations to Centro Sportivo Paulinia, who pass to the next round of his country Cup.

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· TypeFootball 11
· Type of matchCup
· Rules Knockout
· Date of the match04/10/2023
· Time of the match20:15
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· ID of the match3464142 Add to Favorites
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Stadium info
· Stadium Centro Sportivo...
· Amount of attendance12.537
· Ends8.537
· Sides0
· Towers4.000
· VIP Boxes 0
25' Cássio Blumer 1-0
24' Deraldo da Silva 1
71' Francisco Amarildo 1
24' Deraldo da Silva

Team marks
Centro Sportivo Paulinia
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldLow good
Right backHigh passable
Central defensePassable
Left backHigh passable
Right Attack Passable
Central Attack Low good
Left Attack Passable
ExperienceLow sublime
Clube Atlético Alagoas
Focus AttacksNeutral
Focus DefenseNeutral
MidfieldHigh passable
Right backHigh good
Central defenseGood
Left backHigh good
Right Attack High beginner
Central Attack High passable
Left Attack Low passable
Individual marks
Centro Sportivo Paulinia 38.00
Clube Atlético Alagoas 43.00

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